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Original Writing - Memories of Christmas.

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James Udakis 10P 19th November 2001 Original Writing Assignment 2 Memories of Christmas Christmas time. A stuffing of Turkey. A blanket of snow. A slice of Christmas pudding. A stocking of presents. A pine smell of the tree. A rustling of wrapping paper. An annoyance of carol singers. A clanging of cutlery. A gathering of those close to you. I remember the carol singers banging the door down madly on a bitterly cold December night. If I didn't open the door soon there would've been no door left to open. So I reluctantly opened the door and they burst into 'Silent Night'. To be honest a parrot could've sang better than them, they were out of tune and couldn't even remember the second verse! ...read more.


Every Christmas we weren't allowed to wake our parents till 7:00, or for that matter we weren't allowed to open any presents except our stockings till 7am. As my watch beeped 7, me and my brother bolted up the stairs into our parent's room and together bellowed 'Merry Christmas'. The only reply we got was my dad murmuring 'What time is it?' As they finally woke from their deep hypnotic sleep, they ambled slowly down the creaking stairs. And if you could have listened at some of the open door of the house, you might have heard "Have you stuffed the Turkey?..." "Yes!..." "Wow, look at this!..." "Miow..." "What did you stuff it with?..." "What is it?..." "Auntie Sue got me a new video game..." ...read more.


The annoying sound of my brother's new video game coming from upstairs. The ear-splitting sound of the electric carver going loudly in the kitchen. Dusk came down, and the curtains were closed, the stale smell of cold Turkey filled the dining room, the room was half empty as my brother and sister were upstairs enjoying their new presents. The only sound was from the TV as the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special was switched on. In the dark, but happy room, the dull-white tree lights flashing in different sequences generated the dim light. The subdued atmosphere in the room was driving me crazy, as the excitement of Christmas has passed. In the distance, I heard the clock strike twelve. As I silently lay in bed, I thought to myself. Christmas is over, only another 365 days till Christmas. ...read more.

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