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Original Writing.

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ORIGINAL WRITING The door burst open, and in that moment time flowed backwards right to the beginning. She woke up in hell, her body aching her nerves screaming of pain, something was wrong. Where was she? What happened? Time flowed back again some more. The drawers from the chest lay upturned its contents spilled on the floor, someone was looking for something, someone broke into the house Yet again time trickled back. A shadow moved in the dark as much as the dark moved with the shadow, The shadow stopped and slid through the floor, nothing was heard. Time went back some more, stopped and began again. It was the age of the builder, the age of metal. Everything was different than how it used to be. Torches light the streets and where rich people could afford it electrical lights were put up, hardly any rich person could afford electricity, it was something that only the builders use it in their factories of hate and iron perfection. ...read more.


Daniel had his 'health farm' a long way out of enimies reach, a fortess to end all fortresses. He kept 30 highly skilled gaurds to make sure that he was un disturbed and yet he him self was disturbed, god hadn't talked to him in a while and he was getting anxious. God talks to him in his sleep, god whispsers about the secrets of bodies, about the power of souls and how the heart of the dead could bring god back to life, how god needs these souls and how Daniel should hurry up in finsing the power of them and how he will be rewarded when he does. Daniel powered by greed, amibition and insanity listened with and slavering tongue, like a dog to the master, he was helpless. He had no choice. Apperently he made examples of the gaurds that tried to be smart, turned them in to creatures beyond recognition. He paid well, well enough to keep the cities attentions away and enough to make the gaurds force the experiments on people. ...read more.


It was raining and Daniels asylum loomed omnioulsy ahead. Rouge looked across to the main entrance and saw 3 gaurds checking the back of a cart, she hoped off he cart. Getting close enough to the asylum was easy enough but getting in would be a different matter. Before she came she got well prepared. There is always a place in any city where you could buy illegal wares. Luckily she found one of the best this time and got everything she ever needed for this trip. Nobody knew what she looked like, the only people that saw here slither past or heard her talk through a large black cape thught she might just be another ordinary female thief. People think that Rouge could just be a legend as substantial as air or mist, some even sang songs of her deeds but nobody knew what she had really done and why she was such a good thief. SHe managed to get everything she needed for this trip, grappling hook a few flashbombs a few catfall and many different kinds off arrows. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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