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Original Wrtiting It was a warm, Summer's evening. From outside I could hear shouting from the children playing football. I was alone at home. I was lying down on my bed reading my book. This book was really interesting. I was nearing the end of the book and everytime I turned a page I hoped that this ever lasting story would never end. It seemed to me that nothing could ever disturb this tranqulity. Suddenly, I jumped at the unexpected ring of the phone. I answered the phone and said, "Hello". On the other end was a woman with a crackling voice. She asked me, "Is this Amanda?" ...read more.


Silently, I moved from the door ignoring the smilling face that I could see throught the eyepiece. I crept back upstairs and jumped on my bed and returned to my book. Before I knew it it was seven oclock. I must have fallen asleep. I heard footsteps just outside my door and saw the door opening. Then I saw my mum's smilling face looking at me. She was holding lots of big russely bags in her hand. I smiled back at my mum and got out of my warm bed. Unexpectedly, my mum was acting strangely. When I got the heavy bags from my mums hand to help her out she said, "No, don't worry I can handle it myself". ...read more.


They were all for a newborn baby. It wouldn't be for my cousin he was allready two months old. Then I gave my mum a sharp and confused look. My mum didn't know what to say but just looked at me and smiled. Suddenly, everything strated to make sence. My mum was pregnant??? When? How? My head was bursting with all those questions through my mind. It hurt, it hurt so much. The anger was boiling inside me. I burst out crying and laughing with happiness. I got up from the floor and ran to my mum and hugged her so hard. I was shocked. Salt tears strated rolling down my face and onto my mums shoulder. My mum gently pulled me away. I was shacking. my mum knew that I was happy. I always wanted to have a baby brother or baby sister. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Abortion and other medical issues section.

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