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Ormskirk Parish Church - Question 2

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How Typical And Exceptional Is Ormskirk Parish Church? Ormskirk Parish Church is one of many churches in Britain; it was built mainly in the middle ages but it is hard pinpoint the exact year it was first built. The name of the town suggests Scandinavian origin and was probably built by Anglo-Saxon settlers over a millennia ago after converting to Christianity. The church was built on a a hill in the town because it was seen to be the point closest to God. The feature the church has that makes it stand out is that it has both a spire and a tower, only three churches in the whole of Britain have such a feature and the Ormskirk Parish Church is the only one of the three to have them both at the same end of the church thus making it truly unique. This is not the only abnormality however, there are other features that make the church exceptional and this leaves you wondering just how unique the church actually is. The area where the church is is a typical, common setting for a Anglican church, it is in the middle of a popular market town so that is was easily accessible and so that traders and visitors to the town could pray there on a Sunday morning. The layout of the church (with the exception of the spire and tower) ...read more.


The vault beneath the chapel was the burial place of the Derby family until 1851. Tombs in these chapels were typical of churches across Britain and so these are a typical aspect of the church. Also inside the church are some unusual aspects such as the organ being elevated above the chancel and the alter although organs, which became popular in the 19th century were sometimes placed in odd locations. The Font which is usually located near the entrance can be found in the Bickerstaffe chapel on the north side of the church, the opposite side of where the entrance is. This is unusual and a good example of the church being exceptional. One of the most obvious exceptional features of the church is the presence of both a spire and a tower1, this is what makes the church truly unique. Not only are they unique because the church has both of them when most traditional churches only have one or the other but both the tower and spire have their own unique and typical features as well. The towers cloak is typical to many churches all over the world but Ormskirk Parish Church's clock2 is kind of exceptional in its own way in that it doesn't actually work, the hands are stuck at quarter to nine. There are mason's marks on some of the bricks in the walls of the church, this is typical of churches to have the mark of the stonemason who cut the stones for building or repairing the church with. ...read more.


Ormskirk Parish Church has also been modernised quite a lot with the addition of electric lighting which the majority of church have in our modern age so you could say that a church that didn't have electric lighting would be labelled exceptional or unusual but since the Ormskirk Parish Church is well lit electronically inside then it is considered typical in this respect. Many churches now have cr�ches and areas for Sunday school for young children, toddlers and babies. Running water piped in from a water main is relatively modern and is included in most churches in Britain including Ormskirk Parish Church. As well as electric lighting, electronic bells are sometimes now used also instead of the traditional manual bells. In conclusion, I think Ormskirk Parish Church is a typical church in many aspects compared to other churches in Britain but it has many exceptional and in some cases unique parts to it that it simply could not be labelled an average church, it is most definitely an exceptional church. Especially since it is in the most unlikely of areas, a small town in northern Britain, you would expect a unique and special church like Ormskirk Parish Church to somewhere more populated and well-known such as a borough in southern England. I have no doubt in saying that Ormskirk Parish Church is among the most unique churches in Britain, if not Western Europe. Sources The Church itself. The Church guide book. Mr. Trainer and Mr. Lyon. Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/Ormskirk) Notes and information provided by teacher. Appendix 1) 2) 3) Robert Bootle History Coursework Ormskirk School ...read more.

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