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Ormskirk Parish Church - Question 3

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How useful and reliable were the church and other sources in answering Questions 1 and 2? Definitions of Useful and Reliable Useful - When something can be effectively used for a purpose. Reliable - When something can be trusted, usually as a source of information. Primary sources for the first question are useful to an extent but not very reliable. The colour and dates on the stones of the tower and the spire would prove useful to determine whether the tower was built after the spire but restoration means that the colour of the stone may look brand new but it could be hundreds of years old, and besides, the spire was blown down in 1731 and rebuilt in 1790 anyway so any dates on the spire now would be when it was rebuilt and repaired by the Victorians. ...read more.


a date on a bell) because sometimes work is done sloppily or information from primary sources may be incorrect or misleading as I've mentioned in the first paragraph. With regards to the first question, secondary sources are crucial for finding out when the spire and tower were built and whether or not two sisters (as described) even lived in Ormskirk or nearby at the earliest retrievable date, this information would be retrieved through early records, although they won't be from Orme's time, someone around the time of the earliest records might have done similar research to what I'm doing today and back then the primary sources were a great deal more reliable. That said, with regards to primary sources for the first question, there isn't much to go by anyway so secondary sources would be the only alternative. ...read more.


have required much more research using secondary sources but the primary sources for question weren't very useful at all, if anything they could have potentially harmed my research by providing me with the wrong information. Secondary sources, however, were extremely useful for question 1 and without them almost all of the question would have been guesswork and would have been near to impossible not to mention very unreliable. In question 2 also, the secondary sources were reliable and useful and helped a great deal with comparing the features of the Ormskirk Parish Church to those of other churches. Which sources you use entirely depend on the question you're answering, for most questions though there are a good selection of useful primary and secondary sources, most of which are reliable and invaluable in providing the right information for you to answer the question you're studying. Robert Bootle History Coursework Ormskirk School ...read more.

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