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Our contribution to the arts.

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OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTS Art is so immensely influential in setting the tone of the society as a whole. What they see by way of entertainment dictates most people's values and forms their perceptions, what they see on stage and screen moulds their thinking and responses. If we are to reach this nation for Jesus (in the next decade) we must think and act seriously on our contribution to the arts; they will reach the parts the rest of the Church cannot reach the minds and hearts of those we will never meet. Christian artists have always depended on the church for patronage; where that has been given, Christian values have been more prominent in society. It all starts by us recognizing that each individual is unique and has special gifts, also in possession and with experience in a range of special talents, needs, interests and problems. There is a requirement for special attention if the capacity of young people is to be enhanced, there is a need for support of young people by relevant counseling and support services to help guide and encourage them in their planning and development. ...read more.


It is important for them to be earthed in the local Church scene both so that they can keep their grip in the real issues in a real fellowship and for the support it has to give them. One artist said, "We do not just want them to be entertained; when they leave this place we want them changed. We could rather they be changed for the good, and that is the task shared by Christian artists in partnership with the whole church." The arts are likened to the alabaster Jar: Costly and beautiful, their use involves brokenness and vulnerability. Like perfume, their influence is powerful but indirect and therefore easy to undervalue. 'As the jar is broken the fragrance of the perfume inside it fills the house and changes the atmosphere. The general atmosphere of our culture is so aggressive and dark, but as the fragrance of Christ spreads, the atmosphere is changed.' May the Fragrance of Christ Jesus fill this land. ATTN: YOUTH PRESIDENT RE: Proposed Projects His Excellency might be aware that I am working on a variety of (what I call) ...read more.


The parish priest and the parish wardens know but no assistance has been offered so far. INTERACTION: As you might be aware, the Anglican youth are not working hand in hand with other youths. Currently I am running a project aimed at bringing together all Christian queens, creating them something to do and seek potential opportunities for them, in and after their term. So far several queens have been met after failures to meet my Queen before doing anything, as she was very busy. She will always update the executive as she is under their charge. Attached is the questionnaire used on the survey and consultation. Your assistance is also needed entirely. May I be granted forgiveness for all that has been done without permission nor approval from His Excellency and his committee as I might have taken your responsibilities, apologies where the name of Anglican Youth has been misused and may the Lord grant forgiveness for pleasing myself, doing my own will and following freshly desires. Lastly may I be given a GO AHEAD on such and others especially as it is not always possible or easy to reach neither His Excellency nor his committee. Signature: Date: _________________ _______________________ Lesang Ben Mopipi ...read more.

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