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Outline and explain Christian beliefs about marriage.

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RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - COURSE WORK ASSIGNMENT MARRIAGE AO1 OUTLINE AND EXPLAIN CHRISTIAN BELIEFS ABOUT MARRIAGE. Marriage is important to Roman Catholics as it represents the love and special bond within a relationship between two people. The opening chapters of the bible introduce the divine purpose and plan for marriage, showing Christians that marriage is important. Christian marriage, in the bible, clearly affirms that our sexuality is part of Gods creation, and that marriage is God's institution. In biblical terms, five marriage stipulations are highlighted including monogamous, heterosexual, publicly acknowledged, consummated in sexual union and life long. The bible emphasises to couples what marriage entails today. These emphasise the meaning of a Catholic marriage as a sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church, which should be permanent, exclusive and life giving. For Christians there are many beliefs about marriage, one key theme is that marriage is permanent. A key belief is that marriage should last forever; there should be a special bond between a couple which is indissoluble and irrevocable, whatever the circumstances, 'till death do is part'. During the service the priest questions the couple, he asks three questions, one question sums up all the ideas about permanence, 'Will you love and honour each other for life?' This is a direct question to the couple, asking whether they are committed enough, it also highlights the responsibilities of marriage. 'For life' suggests permanence as to whether the couple are prepared to spend their whole lives together. Rings used also show permanence, these are a symbol of love and fidelity. Here, couples promise themselves to each other in a permanent and exclusive relationship. ...read more.


The Roman Catholic Church does not accept divorce. In the eyes of the denomination, couples are married for life and they believe to remarry is adultery. However, in the Roman Catholic Church, annulments are granted, if for example, the marriage has not been consummated. Here, there has never been sexual intercourse between the couple. Meanwhile, difficulties arise when a person cannot obtain an annulment but want to marry a second time. Some Catholics will give up their faith in order to remarry; others would accept the church's teaching and deny themselves a life time of love. An example of this is when a couple marry, and one of them does not consummate the marriage. On these grounds, the Roman Catholic Church would grant an annulment, if a divorce is also granted. With this, both people would be able to remarry in the Roman Catholic Church. Although, if two people married in the Roman Catholic Church and they divorce, these people would not be permitted to remarry in the church. These seriously affect some strong Christians, as they believe that marriage is for life and are devastated by marital breakdown. They feel that they have disowned the church by divorcing. Also, if that person remarries, in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church it would be classed as adultery. This person may not be able to receive Eucharist at Mass, as they feel that it would be wrong. This can result in real hurt and a feeling of isolation from the Church. Marriages do fail and different Christians respond in a variety of ways to this difficult situation. Catholics in this situation can be frustrated if they cannot obtain an annulment and they wish to marry again. ...read more.


Today it is much more publicised. This then results in a lot of people having sex, because the people on the television are having sex and they feel it is cool, and the right thing to do. Many television programmes show unhappy marriages and unwanted pregnancies which often highlights the bad side of marriage. I feel that they use these issues to generate viewing figures. These issues often cause controversy and debate. Television companies rarely show happy, fulfilled families. Nowadays, many young people feel that they are expected to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. This could lead to serious relationships developing while still in full time education. Peer pressure is often highlighted as one of the reasons why people undertake sex outside marriage. I feel that this is a serious problem that needs to be tackled early as children are becoming more sexually aware. In my opinion, it often depends on the individual and as a teenager myself; I do not feel any pressure from my friends to do anything I do not want to do. One night stands are often highlighted within the media nowadays. There are many disadvantages to sex on one night stands, with one parent families occurring as a result, unwanted pregnancies, cases of hardship, and a higher incidence of sexually transmitted infections. I feel that these problems are often the cause of many marriage breakdowns. In my opinion, I think that sex is a very special bond between a couple which should be thought about carefully. A couple should think about the idea of new human life which could be created, and it should bring the couple closer to God through each other. I believe that sex is a gift from God that may involve creating a new life. During sex intercourse couples should have respect for themselves and for their partner. ...read more.

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