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Outline Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty.

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Hannah Atkinson Cardinal Allen, Catholic High School, Fleetwood. Year 10 Religious Studies Coursework February 2004 A) i) Outline Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty (4) Catholics believe that wealth is not a bad thing in its self. It can be used for good or evil depending on how you choose to live. They believe that if you have earned it in honest and lawful ways, it is a gift from God. Many biblical teachings show us this. Examples of this are the parable of the sheep and the goat: This parable explains that when the world came to be judged the people who had done good and helped others were sent to heaven. As for the goats they would spend the rest of their life in hell. This is one of Jesus most important parables. The message that is being giving is that if you have helped people you will earn you place in haven for everyone you have helped it is as if you have done it to God. Another important parable is Matthew 6:24, this tells us that we either love God or we love money. We cannot love both at the same time. An example of this is people who stopped going to Church on a Sunday because if hey go to work they get double money this shows that these people have a love for money and do not think about God. ...read more.


Wars destroy crops, people's homes, schools which causes even more poverty. These people may have to leave their homes and become refugees and flee into other countries, that may have been developing but, then refugees come with no money and make that country poor again. Debt: Most Less Developed Countries need to borrow money from Banks in developed countries to survive and even try to begin to develop, but these banks charge interest. So the less developed country can often find itself paying more back to the bank than what they earn. These are just a few reasons why there is lack of development in some countries. In the poorer countries 176 children die before their fifth birthday whereas in this country 18 in every 1000 children die before their fifth birthday iii) Analyse and explain the work of ONE Catholic agency working development (4) A Christian organisation such as CAFOD (catholic organisation for overseas development) was established by Catholic Churches of England and Wales in 1962. It is now a major charity and employee's 70 workers at its headquarters and supports 500 development projects in 75 projects. In able for this to be possible they have things like fund raisers. More money is spent on the military in one day than the worlds 2 billion have to live on in a year. ...read more.


Give reasons for your opinion, showing that you have considered another point of view. In your answer you should refer to Catholic teaching. Christians believe that God love the world and every thing in it. We believe that God became human, Jesus, and we meet God in a real sense in other humans every day. Our faith provides us with the example of Jesus and how he mixed with and showed respect for the poor and the outcasts. We should follow in his footsteps. In the teaching of the Sermon of the Mount we are taught the "golden rule" which is "treat others as you want to be treated." In our county $573 is spent on health per person and in poorer countries only $2 is spent on health per person. Also 98% of the richest people are able to read but in the poorest countries only 29% of women and 55% of men are able to read. More money is spent on armaments in one day than the world's two billion poorest people had to live on in one year. There are enough poor people in the world, that if they held hands they would form a line from earth to the Mon and back-twice! I believe that if there is poverty then there shouldn't be any rich people, as the rich people have had to wok for their money they should be able to give a little to poorer countries. Re Hannah Atkinson ...read more.

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