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Outline Christian and Jewish teachings on wealth and poverty.

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RS GCSE Coursework Wealth and Poverty (a) (i) Outline Christian and Jewish teachings on wealth and poverty. Christians: Views on Poverty Christians believe that money can be used for good purposes such as helping those who are less fortunate than themselves. Christians should earn money in honest ways, and what you receive is a gift from God, so your wealth is not entirely yours. In Timothy 6, Jesus states that religion can make you rich. The infamous quotation: 'Love of money is the root of all evil', indicates to us we should not be too obsessed with money as this way of thinking can break us. This is the teaching in which it speaks of people who have inherited money in evil ways. People have desired wealth and have inherited it in ways, which have gone against the principles against their religion, which means they have gone against God. They have forever pierced their souls with their wrongdoings all because of the desire for money. This is a warning of what money can do to people and tries to ward off people from committing evil deeds for money. In James 2, Jesus states; "if a person is hungry, one should feed him and if a person is cold, one should clothe him." This suggests that you must share your money with the less fortunate, as they are more vulnerable. In 2 Corinthians 9, Jesus states that "a person, who plants a few seeds, will have a small crop, but the person who plants many seeds will have a larger crop." ...read more.


This means that these people would have to build houses on any exposed low-lying land, which are prone to cyclones. In the LDC's, people often grow cash crops, which are crops grown for sale rather than consumption. This may be the only source of income for some and the way in which they can pay off their debts. This therefore means that the people growing cash crops end up starving, because they have been forced to sell food that they would have otherwise kept for themselves. It can therefore be seen the immediate need for world development here. Debt is another factor as to why in some countries there is a need for world development. Many poorer countries have to borrow money from developed countries in order for them to begin to develop their land. However, the banks they borrow money from charge interest. This interest is often quite expensive for them and so the LDC's sometimes find themselves in a situation where they cannot pay their debt, so therefore end up even poorer than they had previously been. Again highlighting the need for world development, so as to alleviate the strain of debt. There are many other factors that cause poverty in the world and increase the need for world development. These include a lack of education, lack of clean water, low life expectancy and disease. At the moment there is a great need for world development but I feel that as time goes by, the world, although, is slowly progressing, is progressing none the less and thus trying to reduce poverty and help developing and less developing countries achieve a developed status. ...read more.


It says in Leviticus 19:9-10, "If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the lord your God is giving you, do not be hard-hearted or tight-fisted towards your brother. Rather be open-handed and freely lend him whatever he needs." It is also taught that wealth is a gift from God and must be used for self, and others. It is important to lend the poor what they need if you have the money to give. In my opinion, I feel that it should be okay to be rich, as long as you give to the charities every now and then. I think that there is nothing wrong with money, but the love of money is wrong. In Timothy 6:10, it says, "The love of Money is the root to all kinds of evil." There would be a big issue raised if this were to happen, as you cannot define rich. People who have worked hard and feel that it would not be fair for them not to have the money they rightfully deserve. My own view is that that supports the Jewish way of obtaining money. If money is obtained through the same basic ideas of tzedakah, it is okay to have that money. When you begin to love money that is when you become evil. I think if money is earned in the correct way, this is all right because it has been done by them selves and they deserve it. If you spend your money correctly on needs not what you want, then it is okay to be rich. Shaan Bhatnagar R.S Course Work ...read more.

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