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"Outline sacred and secular views towards life after death"

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"Outline sacred and secular views towards life after death" According to some religious views, death is not the end. Many religions believe that when you die you will be judged and be sent to heaven or hell. Islam belies that when people die they must be washed and dressed in a white cloth to show purity. Then they can be judged by Allah to go to either paradise or hell. Jews believe a body should be buried in concentrated ground, this is also for purity. When preparing a body, Jews wear white. But at the funeral black is worn and the family should wear a black jumper and tear it in mourning. ...read more.


Christians believe that God judges souls as soon as the body dies. They also believe that God is with them in death. In the past there have been many different practices and attitudes about death. Some of the most recognized practices are those of the Egyptians. Egyptian religion was centered round a belief in a magnificent afterlife. Egyptians believed that many Gods would protect them in the afterlife, especially Pharaohs and Kings. They would have large tombs built and the body would be mummified. They would also be buried with some personal possessions like jewelry, statues and sometimes even boats. ...read more.


Different religions have different practices based on a similar belief. I think practices and beliefs about death have changed a lot throughout history, but there has always been that one main belief that we will die and be judged. I think all religions believe this because if there was no afterlife what would our purpose be. If there was no God why were we put on this earth to live. I also believe that if you believe there is life after death and you believe you will go to a better place there is no reason to fear death and you should even be excited. Christians believe in storing their riches in heaven because when you go to heaven how much money you had on earth won't matter. ...read more.

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