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Outline the Muslim teachings on Wealth and Poverty

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Outline the Muslim teachings on Wealth and Poverty Muslims believe that there is one creator, Allah, who gave them life and made them the person they are at this present time. As you look around you at the wonders of the universe you again see the work of our creator. Allah is the one and only, He is the universal God of all humanity. He is the most powerful and beyond anything human beings can imagine. Allah created the universe, cares for it and sustains it. All things are created by Allah and there are many signs of Allah's power. Wealth is indeed one of the tests from Allah. ...read more.


to free captives and those in debt, for travellers in need, to win over hearts of new converts and towards the cause of Allah. Zakah gives us the opportunity of sharing our excess wealth with those less fortunate then ourselves. In actual fact, we and our wealth both, belong to Allah. Through the payment of Zakah, the rich share their wealth with the poor and a fair distribution of wealth is ensured. The uses of Zakah are also mentioned in the Quarn, Suratul Tawbah 9:60. Sadaqah is any good deed that is done for the sake of Allah. Sadaqah can be taken place at any time; there are no fixed dates. ...read more.


This encourages brother and sisterhood. Islam encourages us to give charity, to help the needy, be modest and encourages simplicity. It discourages greed and unnecessary waste. We must make and give our money in an honest and up most way. If we do, Allah rewards our earnings with more rewards and blessings. If we lie, cheat steal, trick others, then our money can be the source of ruining this life and the next. A saying of the Prophet Muhammad states " I swear that no one will become poor because of spending in the cause of Allah" this clearly says that if we give money to charity there will be no poor people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aneesah Mughal Gy10 Candidate Number: 2341 Al-Hijrah School Centre Number: 20004 Islamic Studies Coursework Ai ...read more.

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