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Overpaid celebrities.Write a letter to the newspaper giving your views on the issue.

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"Have we gone mad? We are paying pop stars, sportsmen and women and actors and actresses more in a week than most people earn in a year. When people are homeless and living in poverty, the money paid to these so called 'stars' is obscene and totally unjustified." Write a letter to the newspaper giving your views on the issue. The Editor The Sun 72 High Street Lydney Gloucestershire GL15 6ST 11th January 2007 Dear Editor, Do you think that some celebrities should be allowed to get so much money when there are hundreds of homeless people living on the streets? ...read more.


They can set a good example by teaching children the importance of sport and regular exercise as well as eating a healthy diet. Many sports stars participate in campaigning for sports equipment for schools such as the ones ran by Tesco and Persil, as well as raising money for charities such as running marathons to raise money for cancer research. Actors and actresses entertain the whole country on TV in films, series and soap operas. The majority of the country will go to the cinema with their friends or relatives to watch a new film; whether it is comedy, romance, action or thriller. ...read more.


Many people in Britain suffer from poverty, they work long hours for little pay, in some circumstances they hardly get enough to live off, struggling to buy food and other necessities. People in these situations may be tempted to break the law by stealing food and money just to survive and support their families. In conclusion I believe that celebrities get too much money, they do not do enough to justify all the money that they receive. The money they earn is not needed and could be used to help people in difficult situations such as poverty, homelessness and illness. I agree that we are paying celebrities an obscene amount of money for doing next to nothing. ...read more.

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