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P.R.S Christianity Old Testament Prophets Assessment

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Isabella Kong 7E Tuesday 3rd November 3, 2009 P.R.S Christianity Old Testament Prophets Assessment Y7E For my assessment I chose Moses and Abraham to represent my two prophets in the Old Testament. I will talk about the contrasts of these prophets. Also I will say which prophet out of the 2 should have the most respect and why. Then I will compare a modern day leader to one of the prophets and I will say why I have chosen to compare them. Differences 1. Moses became richer as he grew up in Egypt and asked to let his people go (as God asked him to), while Abraham was always the same level of money in the Jews and where the land God promised him for his life. Also Abraham was the starter/leader of the Jews and just wanted a son and land. ...read more.


2. They both do whatever God asks them to do. 3. They both are leaders of one kind. E.g. Moses was a leader in Egypt for a period and Abraham was the leader for the Jews. I think that Abraham should have more worthy of respect. These are the reasons why: 1. Abraham has more close communication with God than Moses because Abraham listens and does what God asks him to do, while God also listens and does what Abraham asks him to do. 2. Abraham has more leadership skills because God made Abraham the leader/starter/founder of the Jews so there must some reasons of why God proposed for Abraham to be the starter of the Jews. Also, in some other cases, Abraham is the leader of Judaism...... But some reasons, I think Moses should have more worthy of respect too. ...read more.


And Moses had to speak to the Egyptian king and almost got killed but luckily God saved him and the Hebrews. I want to compare Hu Jian Tao (Chairman of China) to Moses. First of all, I want to compare Moses to Hu Jian Tao because Hu Jian Tao doesn't have a religion and Moses do as he is a Christian/Catholic. Also, I want to compare them because there are a lot of comparisons between them. 1. Moses got commandments from God and it's like Hu Jian Tao giving laws out to the Chinese citizens. The laws are like the commandments that God gave Moses, and also Moses receives orders but Hu Jian Tao gives out orders. 2. Hu Jian Tao doesn't have any type of religion but Moses do and it's Christianity/Catholic. Well now it came to a closing of my assessment and I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope for you to give me good results!!!!! By Isabella Kong 7E ...read more.

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