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Part Two Year Ten coursework Discipleship

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Part Two Year Ten coursework Discipleship Christians today are often searching for what meanings the Gospels have for them. Some have succeeded and become disciples of God. Previously, I have explained what, in my opinion, Mark's Gospel shows us about discipleship. Now I will investigate how Christians in our world have interpreted these for themselves. One example of a modern disciple is Oscar Romero. He lived in El Salvador and used his status as a catholic priest and later Archbishop to fight the injustice of the totalitarian regime there at the time. He took the missionary role of fighting injustice, and eventually died for following what he felt was God's call. But how did his vocation fit in with Mark's view of a disciple's vocation? ...read more.


He shows this even by the words he uses- a disciple means 'one who follows and learns' and an apostle is 'one who is sent out,' rather than one who just goes. In Mark 3:13-19 he also makes a point of stating that Jesus names and calls them, showing a disciple's 'ownership' to Christ. Oscar Romero, on the other hand, was very reluctant about his vocation to resist the forces in el Salvador and was very unwilling to speak out and emphasize himself, so stayed n the dark for many years. However, when he fully realised his vocation at the murder of0 his friend, he put all he had into God's call, having complete trust that if it was Gods call and vocation for him, God would help him and things would work out. ...read more.


Oscar Romero does this top the fullest extent by not only offering his time, security, prayers, wealth, position in society and health for his people but eventually his life. The way of sacrifice for the well being of others is key to everything bout Oscar Romero. Eventually, God showed his triumph through this way of sacrifice. His death was not the worst thing that could have happened but the best, by creating global awareness that no propaganda and censorship could cover and showing the world the brutality of the regime and the love of God through one man, converting many to Christ. This shows how Oscar Romero's following of God's plan and following what he felt was his vocation led to eventual triumph through sacrifice that he could not have achieved alone. ...read more.

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