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People Inspired By Jesus’ Teachings

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People Inspired By Jesus' Teachings There are many examples of people who have found inspiration in the teachings of Jesus. I will write about three people who led their lives based on the teachings of Christ, Mother Theresa, Maximilian Kolby and any of the disciples. Mother Theresa is a good example because Jesus helped the poor and the sick and healed them. She and a group of other girls whom she trained would walk around the streets of Calcutta and help the people they found on the streets, they also lived the way of life that the people on the streets had, which was another thing Jesus did. ...read more.


Maximilian Kolby always followed the teachings of Jesus throughout his life because he was a priest but it is one particular time in his life, which bears the most likeness to the teachings of Jesus. It was while he was in a concentration camp called Auschwitz, one of the prisoners from his part of the camp escaped, so the German soldiers decided to kill ten of the other prisoners. When the soldiers chose a man he begged to them 'Please spare me I have a wife and a child' and he pleaded more, so Maximilian Kolby told the German soldiers that he would take the man's place. ...read more.


This is like Jesus because Jesus also never gave up his faith, even when he was going to be crucified and while he was on the cross. All of the disciples are inspired directly by the work of Jesus because the all followed him. They followed his teachings and learnt from him by preaching and healing the sick people and anointing the dead and also by living the same lifestyle of the people on the streets while they helped them. They also followed Jesus because they all had certain beliefs in God and that Jesus was God's son and how they prayed was like Jesus. ...read more.

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