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Personal Account. A relationship that has changed me

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Growing up as Marianna's younger brother hasn't always been easy, and without laughter I hardly think I could make it through. Tears and laughter, pain and happiness, embarrassment and pride, and thousands of other emotions have all been a part of the adventure of being a younger brother. Marianna is a girl with strong personality, strong likes and dislikes a very smart sense of humor. Living with her has been no less if not more complex that Marianna herself. She made me feel thousands of different ways. She has made me want to crawl under the table at a restaurant and hide from people staring, scream out in frustration, punch a wall, slam doors and even cry. Just like any other relationship between family members, Marianna and my relationship with her has gone through many phases, both good and bad. The one thing I can say for sure is that over the years, being Marianna's younger brother has become a lot easier. ...read more.


Moreover, we started practicing tennis together and this improved our relationship. Supporting Anorthosis was another reason of coming closer to each other, since we had been going together to the football matches. We were shouting against the referee and we were encouraging our team with many different kinds of songs. Football has expressed our selves and played an important role too for the improvement of our relationship. As our relationship has changed for the better and we were very close to each other, my sister had to leave from Cyprus, because she had to go to the Greek University for her studies. The night before she left, my sister was downstairs packing her things she was supposed to take with. It was getting late so I sneaked upstairs to go to bed. I brought the card I bought her to my bed to write in it. As soon as I started writing, tears started rolling down my face and I couldn't stop it. ...read more.


She always wrapped my presents separately to make them look like there were more of them, and since my birthday is on New Year's Eve, my birthday present was mixed in with my Christmas present. Since she moved, we call each other almost every day or e-mail each other whenever we can. She has influenced my life in many ways by giving advice when I had problems with my parents or with relationships with girls and her always encouraged me in everything that I did academically and still does today. We have shared secrets that no one else knew about and spent a lot of quality time together. I am stronger now and can look back at the memories my sister and I have shared. As babies, we did not use to play and be friends but as we got older, our relationship has changed! I am grateful to have an older sister like her because without her I would not be the person I am today. ...read more.

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