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Personal Evaluation - euthanasia.

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Personal Evaluation I feel that euthanasia should be legalized. I believe that everyone has the right to choose how he or she live and die. Not everybody will have an easy death. Some terminal pain cannot be controlled, even with the best of care and the strongest of drugs. Other distressing symptoms, which come with diseases, such as sickness, no mobility, breathlessness and fever cannot always be relieved. A life filled with pain is horrible and it ruins the quality of life. I believe that that no life is better than a life without communication and happiness. I think that the point of life is to find happiness and suffering is surely not achieving this. ...read more.


This is however, a rare thing. Doctors are dedicated to give care to the sick, and they would nearly always now the likeliness of a recovery. A pro-longed life is intolerable for people with a condition, which leaves the brain alert but eventually shuts down all bodily functions and skills of communicating. How can people be expected to live like this? For people like this and also people in PVS, (persistent vegetative state) I believe that their legal representatives or close family should have the choice and the trust to let them live a prolonged life or to end their life and let them die with dignity. My opinion is, that anyone who is terminally ill should have the option to have euthanasia. ...read more.


Religions are opposed to euthanasia for a number of reasons. Roman Catholics strongly oppose euthanasia because God should decide who dies. I disagree with this view because I think that we should decide when we want to die. I think that we are the best judges of when we want to die. The religion whose views about euthanasia I most agree with is Sikhism. Sikh's have divided views about euthanasia. They believe that life is given by God, and therefore should not be ended. However, Sikhism also teaches that behaviour should be sensible, and euthanasia, in the right situations is sensible. I agree with Sikhism, as it doesn't have one solid view but many different views, based on set principles. All the religions that I have looked at basically disagree with euthanasia, as they see it as a gift from God, but I have an opposite view to the religions. ...read more.

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