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Peter's Declaration about Jesus You are the Christ of God'. What led Peter to make this statement? How did Jesus reply and go on to say about discipleship? (10 marks)[Luke 9:18-27]

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Peter's confession Questions Peter's Declaration about Jesus 1) 'You are the Christ of God'. What led Peter to make this statement? How did Jesus reply and go on to say about discipleship? (10 marks)[Luke 9:18-27] One day Jesus was praying (this shows that something important will happen) at Caesara Philippi when his disciples came to him. He asked them who the crowds say he is. They replied that some say he is John the Baptist, others that he is Elijah which is one of the law givers (announced the coming of the Messiah with Moses) and others that he is one of the prophets that lived long ago and has come back to life. In Matthew's gospel prophet Jeremiah is added. Then Jesus asked them who they think he is. Peter said that He is God's Messiah. This reply shows Peter's faith and devotion to Jesus and in that in the future he will become the future leader and continue Jesus' work after his death. Jesus then gave them strict orders not to tell anyone what he was about to tell them. ...read more.


He was the one to answer Jesus' question. He was a spokesperson and that was why he was in the inner circle. James and John were part of the inner circle too and were closest to Jesus. He was the one informing Jesus about things and being more close to him. He was faithful, had total faith in Jesus, which he expressed with his answer. He knew that what Jesus said was true and believed in him without questioning him. He was completely devoted to Jesus, left everything behind without questioning and followed him. He shows perception, a complete understanding of Jesus' importance when he replies to Jesus that He is God's Messiah. 3) Describe an occasion when a heavenly voice declared that Jesus was God's son. (8 marks)[Luke 9:28-36] After speaking about death and suffering Jesus took Peter, John and James with him and went up a mountain to pray (something important will happen) as a meeting with God. As He was praying His face changed its appearance and his clothes were dazzling white. Then instantly two men appeared and were talking to Him. ...read more.


Also it fulfilled the expectations and prophecies in the Old Testament as Jesus was with the law givers Elijah and Moses. b) The disciples (5 marks) This event is important for the disciples as they realise God's plan that Jesus had to die for people to be saved. Their faith was strengthened as they had witnessed a miracle and God's presence giving hem some orders and assuring them that Jesus was his son. They would also be the future leaders, which will in turn strengthen the other disciples' faith, and in turn will carry out Jesus' teachings. They will prove to people that Jesus is the Messiah-the Son of God that has come to suffer and die for our sins. They also realised that dying is a plan of God and Jesus has to die. They will explain that Jesus is not a Militant Messiah but a Suffering Servant. Any doubts they had now were removed because of what they have witnessed-the appearance of God. They also learned that Jesus was the Messiah, the son of God. By seeing Moses and Elijah and hearing God's words they realised that Jesus came to fulfil the laws and prophesies. The 3 disciples had witness what others wish to have seen. ...read more.

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