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Pigrimage Should money be given to the poor or should it be used for maintaining the places of pilgrimage?

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A03 – Pilgrimage

(Kieron Curran)

Should money be given to the poor or should it be used for maintaining the places of pilgrimage? I think that money should be given to the poor people this is because Jesus helped the people in need. This is stated in the parable of the sheep and the goats and the rich young man. Another reference to back this up is “Love your neighbour” this means that you should help anyone in their time of need like in the good Samaritan when a Samaritan was beaten up and was in need of desperate help two people walked past him took a look at him and walked on then a Jew came past and helped him even though Jews and Samaritans absolutely hated each other he helped him in his time of need. So we should give money to the poor because at this time in their life they need our help and it is our duty to help them. This is why money should be given to the poor rather than places of pilgrimage because life is more important than buildings life is unique and special life is a gift from god. But also give money to the churches to maintain buildings of pilgrimage and churches but most of the money should go to the poor.

On the other hand some Christians believe that it is right to maintain our places of pilgrimage because God deserves that kind of respect we should build his house in gold. The churches are the core of all communities. The church also helps those in need for example Soup kitchens. If the churches are not maintained then the churches history that it has got over hundreds of years. We also need to preserve places of pilgrimage because it is a way to get closer to God and pray for family. Another reason is that God is worthy of the admiration and beauty of the places of pilgrimage. Organisations like CAFOD help the poor by giving them long term aid like education and tool to get food. They also give short term aid where they give them food clean bottles of water health checks and vaccinations. We are unique and have feelings and our life is more important than buildings. The early Christians did not have places of worship and they managed to cope so why cant we do the same.  

Churches spread Christianity so if they start to deteriorate people will not want to go to church because it is so run down a lifeless it don’t seem worthy to be Gods house.

 In conclusion I think that more money should be spent on the poor because life is unique, precious, made in god’s image and likeness and life is a gift from god buildings are a luxury to have. If we spent more money on places of pilgrimage then lives would be wasted where no money was spent on them which means nobody cares about poor people any more.        

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