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Pilgrimage in Christianity

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My Statement of Intent I am going to produce a piece of coursework on the subject of pilgrimage in Christianity. I am going to descried what happens at the place of Christian's pilgrimage. The first question I will attempt to answer is to, describe what happens at a place of Christian pilgrimage? The next question I will attempt to explain is why Christians go on a pilgrimage there and what affect it has on them? The final question I will do is there more important things to Christians than pilgrimage? Do you agree explain your answer? Part A In this part of my course work I will describe a Christian place of pilgrimage. The Christian place of pilgrimage that I will describe is Lourdes. I will explain why Lourdes is a place of pilgrim, why people visit and what has happened there in the past. I will also describe the places that a pilgrim whilst at Lourdes and what they would do and see there. Nowadays you will see sick people and many other Christians going to Lourdes. This is because they believe going to Lourdes will miraculously cure them of the illnesses and ill faith. Lourdes is most importantly known as a place of divine interventions. It is also known to be a place of spiritual healing and strengthening. ...read more.


Here when she spoke to the lady, the lady told Bernadette to go to the local priest and to tell him to build a church near the grotto. When Bernadette did this the priest did not believe her and told her to ask the lady what her name was. So Bernadette went and did this, but instead of telling Bernadette her name she replied "I am the immaculate conception". Bernadette did not understand what this meant so she went to the priest and repeated these words. At once the priest believed her and was absolutely certain she was telling the truth. He knew that this women whom Bernadette visited was the blessed virgin Mary. In 1864 a statue of the blessed Virgin Mary was built; it was built according to Bernadette's vision of her. The statue was made in the grotto where Bernadette saw her. In 1874 a church was build at Lourdes; this was because Mary ordered Bernadette told her to. Before the churches where built pilgrims still came to Lourdes. When people visited Lourdes they visited the main place; the grotto, this was the place Bernadette had her visions. Later on more churches were built in Lourdes. The names of theses churches were 'The Crypt', 'The Rosary Church' and 'The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception'. ...read more.


Other Christians may want to go so that they can learn new things about their religion. Some may want to go to talk to other Christians and see their views about religion. Other Christians may want to go to get some holy water or take someone else to get them healed. When they arrive they are drawn to a river of prayer and they will pray for most of the time they are there with there prayer beads Part C I think that there are more important things than going on pilgrimage because that you do not have to go to pilgrimage, this is just a choice that some Christians choose to make. Some people may to have the money to go on a pilgrimage but they can still do good things like e.g. help the poor and people with ill health like the salvation army etc. Small things like these make a big difference to people maybe not you and me but definitely to others. I think personally to be a good Christian in everyday life is more important than going on pilgrimage once. On the other hand pilgrimage is a god way for people to get back on the right path and to find out more of how strong there spiritual belief is and help make this stronger. But it all depends of what kind of person it is. ...read more.

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