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Pilgrimage. In Jerusalem just like Lourdes there are many activities pilgrims take part in.

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A02 - Pilgrimage (Kieron Curran) When people go on pilgrimage they go for guidance and following the footsteps of Jesus and also to get closer to God or maybe to strengthen their faith further. The hopes that pilgrims have when the go on pilgrimage are to be mentally or physically cleansed and every once in a while a miracles happen like someone goes on pilgrimage with cancer and when they come back the cancer has gone. Most people go to get spiritual healing for example they might go to pray for family or friends, if some one is ill or sick, if some one has died or if the pilgrim is going through a low point in their life. The second activity is visiting the baths. This could affect a pilgrim's life by having the feeling with them that they are closer to God after getting out the bath and so, it could change them by getting more encourage to go to Church ...read more.


It could also help someone to ease their pain when they get hurt as Jesus felt more pain during his crucifixion. When in Lourdes pilgrims will go to mass and sing hymns with many priest enter the hall as well. This welcoming mass with over five thousand people in attendance singing hymns and saying prayers to God. Another activity pilgrims take part in at Lourdes is the fourteen Stations of the Cross these are large life like statues which are placed on a steep hill which is nearly a mile long once at a station the guide explains what is happening and the pilgrims observe the statue and its beautiful architecture. Another activity in Lourdes is visiting the grotto this is where people go to pray for themselves, loved ones and friends. Pilgrims also have a choice to light a candle either a big or small one the small one is for normal prayers but the big one is for the prayers that are special to pilgrims so when they lave Lourdes their payers still remains in the grotto. ...read more.


In Jerusalem just like Lourdes there are many activities pilgrims take part in. One of the many activities is the via Delorosa this is where on good Friday all pilgrims follow the path Jesus took carrying his heavy cross to Calvary. Also every Friday the same thing is held at 3 o'clock so the people who live there can take part every week or so all pilgrims can experience the path of sorrows. Another activity that the pilgrim at Jerusalem carries out is going to the church of holy sepuchle this church is built on the spot where Jesus was crucified and his tomb laid pilgrims can pray at this spot. The church of nativity is also an activity pilgrims carry is the church which was built over the place where Jesus was born they mark this place with a star and pilgrims pray in front of the star. The garden of Gethsemane pilgrims go here to reflect and think of Jesus and pray for friends and family. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kieron Curran R.E (Pilgrimage) Ao3 ...read more.

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