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Pilgrimage is a journey taken by somebody for sentimental and personal reasons, though not always for religious ones; it could even be the journey that is life.

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RE Assessment - Pilgrimage 1. Pilgrimage is a journey taken by somebody for sentimental and personal reasons, though not always for religious ones; it could even be the journey that is life. For Christians, it is - the journey from birth to Heaven - as well as being the way to grow closer to God. 2 Nazareth. This is one of the more obvious places of Christian pilgrimage, as Jesus was born and raised here all those years ago when he walked the Earth. The Son of God Himself preached, performed miracles, lived and breathed there, so naturally it's a special place with a strong link with Biblical history. Pilgrims will go there to experience that connection - one of the closest connections to /imprints of Jesus on Earth. Lourdes. This place is popular for Christian pilgrimage because Saint Bernadette was acclaimed to have had 14 whole apparitions of Our Lady, Mary, Mother of God. Pilgrims flock here to feel history under their feet. Mary's an important figure to the Church - especially the Catholic one - and she told Bernadette about the healing holy waters which people still can collect and sprinkle themselves with to this day. Also, Mary told her to ask the local priest to build a chapel at the location of the visitations. 3 Christians might wish to do a variety of different things in a place of pilgrimage, such as: * Visit historical places, where important and miraculous events occurred. ...read more.


All 7 sacraments are important, because they're like spiritual blessings in your life. Baptism, for example, is important as it's when we're forgiven for our original sins and clothed in Christ. It's a new beginning. The Eucharist/communion is important because it's when we commemorate Jesus' actions all those years ago at the Last Supper. The bread and wine represent - and change to - Jesus' body and blood, which he gave us in memory of him when he died to save us from out sins. Thus, when we eat the bread and drink the wine, we get closer to God; we have a part of him inside of us, always. Confirmation is when we get fully accepted into the church as adults and we take full responsibility for our actions at that point on, confirming our faith in Christ. We renew the promises made at baptism ourselves this time and choose to. This helps strengthen our faith as full people of God. Through the sacrament of Reconciliation, we experience God's love as we're freed and forgiven from/for the sins we've committed through the priest. God's mercy allows us to become even closer. The sacrament of the sick - in which the suck are anointed with a healing oil - enables us to know that God's always going to be there for us, even when we're ill and/or dying. ...read more.


Muslims have to pray five times a day - well, at least the truly devout Muslims do - on a mat facing towards Mecca, their holy land. Mecca is an incredibly important place to Muslims. They also have to go about their faith according to the Five Pillars, which are Shahadah (declaring faith); Salat (praying five times a day) ; Zakat (giving money to the poor and needy, the amount depending on the wealth of the person); Sawn (fasting on the ninth month in the Muslim Calendar that's alternately known as 'Ramadan'); Hajj (making the pilgrimage to Mekka). Those are the five pillars - in that order - holding up the Islamic faith. Furthermore, we can learn about how they fast for their faith (for a month at Ramadan) - it shows that have a lot of determination and dedication to be able to do this. Christians can learn about how relaxed the Christian faith is compared to the Muslim faith in terms of pilgrimage. There's no strict law or list of duties you have to do while on pilgrimage - it's up to you, and completely your choice. It informs us, also, of how we can learn from the things that other faiths do so we can reflect on it and perhaps take in so Christian pilgrimage can be taken more seriously. Muslims pray five times a day, yet there are some Christians who pray maybe once a month. It just shows how maybe we can sort-of learn from them. - ...read more.

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