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Pilgrimage plays a big part in the Christian life.

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QUESTION 2 Pilgrimage plays a big part in the Christian life. Christians use pilgrimage for lots of reasons, for example it can be to heal them from a illness like in Lourdes. Christians go on pilgrimage to get closer to god and to become one with him. By doing this they are making them selves better Christians, some people go to help there faith develop. Most Christians have a strong relationship with god and find him easy to talk to and believe in. others find that because of a bad thing that has happened in there life they can not communicate with god as easily as others can. ...read more.


I think that this is an other reason that people will go on pilgrimage, to thank god for the life they where given and they have been blessed with. Different places of pilgrimage are visited for different reasons, people go to the holy land on pilgrimage because it is the place the Jesus was born and raised and also where he died. People like to go to the holly land to get closer to god as it says in the churches teaching we should always try to get closer to god to strengthen our bonds with him. This is also true for Lourdes as people go as it is where Marry was seen and where miracles have taken place. ...read more.


These charities are open to people who want to help, they will let you come closer to the people who have been given a bad run of life and it is the best way to help them is to be there friend. On pilgrimage many Christians develop a better understanding of the faith because there is so much to take in like in the holy land where you can walk the road that Jesus walked with his cross. There is a also time on every pilgrimage to just stop and think more deeply about your faith. A pilgrimage is a important part of every Christians life as it brings us closer to god in many ways and it helps us to find or renew our faith in many ways. ...read more.

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