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Pilgrimage - What Is A Pilgrimage?

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My R.E Project Pilgrimage What Is A Pilgrimage? A pilgrimage differs from a tour in several important ways. It is a personal invitation from God, comprised of His offer and dependent upon the pilgrim's acceptance. God's call may vary but the purpose remains consistent: It is an individual summons to know God more fully. A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to which the pilgrim joyfully responds, "yes" to God's invitation. Although in previous centuries many trials were intrinsic to a pilgrimage, the modern pilgrim has an abundance of affordable travel options, yet the purpose remains unchanged. It is a journey to a holy, sacred place to usher the pilgrim into the presence of God. The pilgrim must embark on this journey with joyful anticipation, being willing temporarily to separate himself or herself from the world and to offer himself or herself in humble service to another. ...read more.


Lourdes in France is a place of pilgrimage and in this place many things have happened such as miracles and sightings of the Virgin Mary. Also it is possible to have a pilgrimage in a place with a lot of people such as a concert or festival. Mecca For the Muslims, Mecca in Saudi Arabia is their place of Pilgrimage they call there pilgrimage a Hajj. They believe that in there life time they must go on a hajj at least once. They also believe that if they die whilst on a hajj in Mecca that is the ultimate belief that they will go straight to heaven. Lourdes Lourdes is a small town situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Although the town has just 17000 inhabitants, 5 million visitors go there each year. ...read more.


She was baptised in the parish church of Lourdes. When Bernadette was only a few months old, her mother had an accident and could not nurse her. At this time it was usual to breast-feed babies for at least two years. So Bernadette went to live with her foster mother in Bartres. She had six brothers and two sisters, five of the brothers died before they were ten. Her father was a miller. He ran the Boly Mill, but tended to give the product away to the poor instead of selling it, eventually the family were reduced to poverty and had to move into the cachet. There are many more places in which a pilgrimage can take place concerts are like a pilgrimage but still different but in essence a pilgrimage is a gathering of like minded people to celebrate a cause or figure e.g. God. A pilgrimage can take place where ever when ever. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Kurpil 10:8 ...read more.

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