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Pilgrimage. When pilgrims get to Lourdes they engage in various activities

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Pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey to a holy place. The place is usually where events have happened in the past that are relevant or important to what the pilgrim believes in or has faith in. People go on pilgrimages for various reasons. These reasons include things like seeking spiritual healing or discipline, increasing their faith; feel closer to God, just to experience what a pilgrimage feels like. In places like Lourdes, which is situated in the South of France, many people visit there because they believe that miracles really do occur there. Lourdes came about in a period of six months when a young girl called Bernadette(now a saint) had a number of visions of the Virgin Mary in a grotto near her home in Lourdes. ...read more.


and pray using rosaries and candlelights while they wait and expect a miracle from God. Some pilgrims visit the pool which is fed by the spring flowing from the grotto area and bathe in this water as an act of faith. Some also drink the water or take some home for sick relatives or friends who could not make it to the pilgrimage along with them. They can also participate in religious event like Stations of the Cross, mass(said near the grotto) and processions around the grotto, which they do because they want to feel closer to God and seek his forgiveness on holy grounds. Another place that people go on pilgrimage is to the Vatican City. ...read more.


Although these type of blessing do not give special powers or make things holy, pilgrims still believe that this act is a way of offering all that this object or substance is used for, for the greater glory of God. Even still a Popes blessing is not more important than a priest blessing; it just makes the pilgrim feel good because the Pope has blessed their souvenir. This they do so as a sign of devotion or offering their belongings to God. The similarities between these places of pilgrimage is that pilgrims all go there to feel closer to God and make them selves feel better. Question 1 Chris Ibekwe - 5Campion ...read more.

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