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Places and Forms Of Worship

Extracts from this document...


I went on a Religious Education Trip to two different churches and explored them and learnt about their purposes. The two churches I went to were Christian Denominations. These churches were local churches called Knowle Paris and Saint George and Saint Teresa. Knowle Parish is a Church of England Church and Saint George and Saint Teresa is a Roman Catholic Church. The reason these two churches are different denominations is because the Protestants (Church of England) and the Catholics (Roman Catholics) have slightly different beliefs. Worldwide more than half the Christians in the world are Catholics and approximately one-third are Protestants. Contents 1. Contents 2. Knowle Parish Church 3. Saint George and Saint Teresa Church Section A Knowle Parish Church 4. Altar 5. Pulpit 6. Lectern 7. Font 8. Soldier's Chapel 9. St John's Chapel Saint George and Saint Teresa Church 10. Lectern 11. Tabernacle and Sanctuary Light 12. Stoups 13. The Confessional Box 14. Virgin Mary's Chapel Section B Knowle Parish Church 15. Altar 16. Pulpit 17. Lectern 18. Font 19. Soldier's Chapel 20. St John's Chapel Saint George and Saint Teresa Church 21. Lectern 22. Tabernacle and Sanctuary Light 23. Stoups 24. The Confessional Box 25. Virgin Mary's Chapel Section C 26. You do not need to go to a place of public worship to be a Christian. Do you agree? Knowle Parish Church (Church of England) I visited this church on Monday 5th March 2006, we went around the church in a group and we didn't have a minister taking us around. Knowle Paris Church welcomes everyone and is open everyday, until a certain time. The church was built in 1403 after obtaining permission of Pope Boniface IX in 1396. The diagram below is the interior of the church. Around the church site there are buildings such as, The Guild House, St Lawrence House and St Johns Hall. These are all connected to the church. ...read more.


A sermon is a talk or preaching about the Christian way of life. It is given during the service to help the Christians way of life. It is given during the services to help Christians think about what it means to be a Christian. Jesus explained to his followers on the hill, how to pray and he told them the Lord's Prayer. This is how we know about Jesus' teachings now. Our Father, who art in heaven Hallowed be your name; you will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive is our trespasses, who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For the Kingdom, the power and the glory, For ever and ever Amen (This is the Lord's Prayer) Knowle Parish Church- Section B The lectern is a brass stand which holds the bible. The bible is used for Christians to find out more about their faith, find ideals for living as God would wish and try to hear the voice of God within them whilst praying or meditating. The vicar will stand behind the lectern and read from the bible at services. The eagle on the lectern represents Jesus' messages been spread over the world. As the eagle is a powerful bird, it is used as this symbol. Christians believe that God spread the word of Christianity, so the lectern is an important symbol in the church. There are three lions circling the bottom of the lectern and these are to symbolise the guard and protection to the word of God (the bible). Knowle Parish Church- Section B The font is used for baptism, it is used at the ceremonies and is at the entrance to the church because when people get baptised they become a new member of Christianity (join the church). Baptism is a service in which infants join the Christian religion. ...read more.


One of Jesus' commandments was to "Remember the Sabbath" and the Sabbath to Christians is the seventh day of rest which is on a Sunday, so I think that Christians should interpret this commandment by staying at home and resting instead of going to church like most Christians do on Sunday's. The Salvation Army and Quakers are two Christian denominations which don't have Holy Communion, baptism or any other sacraments, so for these certain denominations the Christians have no need to have to go to church services or other places of worship to be accepted as a Christian. People could disagree that you don't have to go to a place of worship to be a Christian because at the very beginning of Christianity the believers went round to each others homes to worship God, so Christian could see this as a tradition and want to worship as a group too by going to a place of worship; also some people might think that it is good to share your beliefs with other people. The bible says that you had to have a holy communion and especially for Catholics (as they celebrate this every week), it is essential for Christians to go to church for this reason. Christian denominations such as the Charismatic Christians believe in celebrating together with music and dancing because they think worshipping as a group like this is the best way to praise God. Therefore this denomination would say that you had to go to a place of worship to be a Christian. Overall, I think it's up to the individual Christian where they want to worship God and if they don't go to a place of worship they should still be considered a Christian as they believe in Christianity and that should be the most important thing. Christians believe that worship is not about what makes them happy as much as what makes God happy and no one knows exactly how they can make God happy so by everyone worshiping in there different ways, God will appreciate what everyone chooses to do. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Places of Worship section.

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