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Places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialized these Days. This is bound to reduce the value of pilgrimage for a Christian".

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AO3: -"Places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialized these Days. This is bound to reduce the value of pilgrimage for a Christian". Do you agree? Places of pilgrimage tend to be very commercialized these days. This is bound to reduce the value of pilgrimage for a Christian. In Christians view they believe that doing business in the places of pilgrimage is wrong because it creates the wrong atmosphere and gives the wrong impression to the pilgrims. As we know, pilgrimage is not about spending money on souvenirs. Many people go on pilgrimage to show that they love God and also to show the loyalty they have for God. ...read more.


Other people do not think that the places of pilgrimage have become too commercialized or that this takes away the true meaning of being there. Because some souvenirs are appropriate reminders of the pilgrimage for example rosary, souvenirs may improve someone's experience of pilgrimage. In most places, tourism is kept separate from Holy areas. For example in Lourdes there is no trading inside the domain. There are people who do business over there which are good for the pilgrims because it attracts more people to spend time at the site. This may lead them to understand the religious meaning of the place as the time goes on. ...read more.


More to the point is the fact that the bible taught us that it is immoral to turn God's place into a 'market place'. This is my reason for agreeing to the statement. I believe that doing business in a holy place does reduce the value for a Christian because it gives me a negative feeling of doing so. The reason being is that as we know Christians have to follow the bible and they have to listen to whatever God or Jesus says otherwise in a Christian's view they are breaking the law of being a Christian. So again doing business in a holy place is bad because I think that it gives the wrong impression and the wrong atmosphere for Christians. ...read more.

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