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Places of Worship

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Places of Worship AO1 The two denominations I am comparing are Roman Catholic and Baptist. The main feature in a Roman Catholic Church is the altar. Other features of the Catholic Church are the sacristy, confessional and the stations of the cross. The altar is where they offer themselves to God and the sacrifice of Jesus' death on Calvary. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice because he is sinless. At mass the priest blesses the bread and the wine at the altar and stands behind it facing the people. It is reanacting the Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples. The priest takes the place of Jesus and they are his disciples. They file down the church and receive the bread, either in their hands or their mouth, just before the altar steps. After, they take a step to the side of the altar and sometimes have a sip of wine from the chalice. When they say "Amen" after receiving the bread they are renewing the covenant and they become fully united with Jesus. They have communion at every Mass. In a Baptist church they don't call it an altar they call it a table this is because there is no sacrifice being offered there. Baptists have communion about twice every month, once in a morning service and another in an evening service. ...read more.


The word part of Mass is the main focus for the Baptists and Roman Catholics. They believe Gods word is the truth. He speaks to them as a community, the people of God. He guides them and helps them when they need help. When they listen to God's word, The Holy Spirit acts on their hearts. It is their food to nourish their souls and it helps them grow in faith and become mature Christians. It even affects the way they live as they aim to spread gods' word, heal the sick and bring justice and peace to the world. They can spread Gods word in different ways. They could stand on the street corner shouting about it and saying how wonderful he is or they could show God's word through their own example i.e. By the way they treat each other with respect, care and love and the way they serve each other. They can help heal by loving and serving the sick i.e. visiting a friend or relative when they are sick and help do their ironing and housework. That way they don't have to worry about doing it when they are better, it gives them a bit of relief. They can also heal by giving money to charity and helping those less fortunate than themselves. To those who are starving in Africa they could give them food and shelter. ...read more.


In the bible it tells us "Love God- Love your neighbour" It explains that loving and serving others is in fact loving and worshipping God. It is an act of love for him. However we do need to have places of worship and they do need to be kept in good condition. But do they need to be ornate and beautiful? Well I believe it doesn't matter how fancy the place of worship is because if you truly are going to worship God then you could be anywhere as long as you have the basic requirements. The place of worship could be kept plain and simple. If there is a problem with the place i.e. a hole in the roof or a leak, then they should be repaired as soon as possible so they don't get worse and cause more problems. We do need different worship places for different denominations as the practice is different, so money would have to be spent on building those. However they don't need to be so big and fancy. I think that spending the money on alleviating poverty would be better because we are going into Gods world and helping others. It shows that we care about the other people suffering in our family (Gods family) and it shows we are one whole, even if they live in a different part of the world. Hayley Irish ...read more.

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