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Places of worship - The Orthodox Church

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Places of worship - Part 2 In the Orthodox Church the main most important feature is the iconostasis. On the iconostasis the icons of God and Saints show to Christians that that worshiping God they can claim a place among saints in heaven. The Orthodox Christians also believe this is a divide of heaven and earth. The iconostasis separates them from the sanctuary, just as they are separated from God, and also symbolises that people cannot see God but can get to know him through the icons. The icons are believed to confer grace and possess sacramental value. Standing before Christ's icon the worshipper is brought face to face with Christ himself. ...read more.


The bread and wine are blessed to make them holy on the Holy Throne. Orthodox Christians use the term altar (Holy Throne) because Christ's death was an innocent sacrifice for our sins. An altar is the traditional place for sacrifices to take place and so that is why the term is used. Christians in the Orthodox Church think of parts of their liturgy as mysteries that should be hidden from ordinary people. The worship in the Orthodox Church is liturgical and the importance of symbolic actions stands out. Orthodox Christians have a high regard for the sacraments. The main sacrament is the Eucharist; others include baptism, normally by immersion; confirmation, which follows baptism immediately; penance, marriage and anointment of the sick. ...read more.


The main difference in the Methodist church is that instead of an iconostasis being the focal point the pulpit is the dominant feature. This signifies the most important difference between these two churches - the pulpit is used for preaching the word of God and the iconostasis is used to symbolise the separation of heaven and earth. Methodists do not believe in Consubstantiation and they think that the bread and wine are merely symbolic rather than spiritually becoming the body and blood of Jesus. The Communion Table itself has some decoration on it, but it is still very plain. The carving often says "To the glory of God". There is also no need for a Tabernacle. This is because as Transubstantiation is not supported Methodists do not need to lock away the leftover bread after it has been consecrated. ...read more.

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