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Places Of Worship

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Places Of Worship I have recently visited three churches, of three different traditions, and I am going to look at two of these. The two church traditions I will look at are the Baptist Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. The two buildings I studied for this are 'Romford Baptist Church' and 'St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church'. I will discuss the main features of each church and then look at why some churches are elaborate while others are not; referring to the two churches. The first main feature in a Baptist church is the Baptistry. The Baptistry is a pool in which people are baptised. In the Baptist church people are only baptised if they are old enough to know what they are doing, and this is called 'believers baptism'. The person getting baptised should want to do so because they believe Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour, and want to follow him and proclaim their faith to others. Matthew Ch. 3 explains this and tells us of Jesus' baptism: '...As soon as Jesus was baptised, he came up out of the water...' so people follow this example and get baptised. A special service is held for a baptism, and the minister leads this. ...read more.


are only symbols. The bread is a symbol of Jesus' body and the wine of His blood. Jesus said to have the Lords supper 'in memory of me' 1 Corinthians 11:25 is where Paul tells us about the Lords Supper and what Jesus said we had to do. It is remembered that Jesus died for us- the sacrificial death of Christ was for all mankind, so we could be saved. Anyone who believes this, and that Jesus is his or her saviour can take part in the service - no membership etc. is necessary. This service of communion takes place 2 Sundays a month. In the Greek Orthodox Church, there is an altar. This is the main focal point of the church, as a service cannot take place without it there. It is behind a screen (the iconostasis) in the most sacred part of the church because it is 'like' heaven, and every time the Royal Doors are open, a picture of a divine sanctuary is glimpsed. A big single chalice with strong, sweet alcoholic wine, and special leavened bread is used. It is believed that the bread is Jesus' body and the wine is his blood - they are not just symbols, but hosts. ...read more.


There are lots of crucifixes in a Greek Orthodox Church whereas in a Baptist there are crosses. The empty cross shows Jesus rose from death, so conquered it and saved us, and he is no longer dead, so this is what should be remembered. I found out whilst visiting the churches that some have very elaborate buildings whilst others don't. The Greek Orthodox Church was very heavily decorated with gold and pictures/paintings everywhere whereas the Baptist church was extremely plain. An elaborate church, the Greek Orthodox, is heavily laden with Gold etc. to represent the richness of heaven, and to glorify God. All the decorations can bring believers in touch with God and help them focus on him. The pictures may also be visual aids. A plain church, the Baptist, is decorated only with a few banners so that there are no distractions focusing on and worshipping God. It is a personal relationship we have with God, we don't need visual reminders, as it is spiritual. I think the main reason against having an elaborate church is because the money spent on decorating it could be used in much better ways to glorify God, for example giving to the poor - helping others. So considering this, and the two churches I have visited, I think that the money is better spent on other things. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jasbir Golan 7060 part 1 ...read more.

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