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Pope John XXIII

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Pope John XXIII, at age 76, was elected the 261st pope and later went on to call the second Vatican council which forever changed the church. His role can be judged as highly instrumental in the creation of the church as we know it today. Through his political, doctrinal, social and moral significance he became respected around the world, recognised not only by followers of Christianity but also by presidents, kings, political leaders and common people the world over, creating a more ecumenical church. Pope John XXIII was greatly politically significant to the formation of the catholic church as we know it today. ...read more.


posthumus presidential medal of freedom (this highest of u.s. awards was awarded to him in 1965 by U.S president Lyndon B. Johnson), and he was Time magazine's man of the year in January 1965. during his reign as pope he attempted to create better relations between Catholics, Jews and Muslims. While advocating for peace he met with many leaders, such as the communist leader of Russia and during the Second Vatican Council he crated controversy by reaching out to Jews, Anglicans and other variants. It is for these reasons that he became known as the "good pope". Pope John XXIII is most famous for his doctrinal significance, his calling of the Second Vatican council changed the church forever, creating the church that we know today. ...read more.


Through his influence many changes were made to the church such as the focus being more pastoral, the mass being conducted not in Latin but in the language of the country it was being conducted in, and the laity taking a larger role in the service. These changes, while at times not welcomed by many, were considered by most to be necessary to the continuation of the church in a modern world. To conclude Pope John XXIII was very significant in a variety of areas. He allowed the 2nd Vatican to come into fruition because of his significance and ecumenism allowed the religious ceremonies to become more connected to the people. The End ...read more.

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