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Poverty and Christian aid

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POVERTY What defines poverty? Poverty can be defined as the state of having little or no money and few or no material possessions. It is safe to say that a vast majority of people living in wealthy countries such as England, USA, West Germany, and Australia highly enjoy the luxurious lifestyles they lead. They have absolutely everything they need but we seem to take our living conditions for granted. We should think of what the other side of the world has to go through. Imagining living in a country or possibly a desert without food or water, no clothing and having to use cardboard boxes to warm ourselves would be a complete disaster but this is basically what poverty is all about except half of the world do this today. The most obvious reasons why many people are hungry are because they are either too poor to afford any or they live in different parts of the world where they have infertile soils to produce food for themselves. Two different problems often tend to happen when there isn't enough money for food; young children easily catch diseases, known as 'marasmus', due to insufficient food of any kind a result of skinny wasted bodies, shriveled up skin, loss of hair and massive round eyes. Other obvious diseases are malaria, sleeping sicknesses, river blindness and bilharzias where children suffer the most in Africa. ...read more.


is proved low as people in countries living in conditions are less affected by industries and technology than the 'first' and 'second' worlds. Although there are many poor people living in poor countries, there are numbers of people who are rich enough to be able to provide resources on their own. There are many serious effects that could be faced to the world due to the increase in the world's population. The huge numbers of people in the world are suffering from undernourishment and malnutrition. Even though the production of food has rapidly increased, it still hasn't been able to produce a sufficient let alone surplus amount. The children living within this hostile and poverty stricken environment then proceed to grow up and urgently look for jobs to help out their living. However, millions of children fail to succeed to be employed. In the third world, there are many difficult problems that are hard to control. It has been estimated that 2 billion extra people will enter the world population and 1.8 million people will enter the world of the poor in the third world. This is due to the lack of contraception; many poor people are unable to use contraceptives as the majority of people in south America are roman Catholics nor are they too poor to afford these items. Adults often avoid using contraceptives to have a larger family, helping them to produce food more easily. ...read more.


This particular belief can be applied and withdrawn from text from the HOLY BIBLE. As Jesus was not a man of extreme wealth he still managed to get by and make a giant impact on the Christian people and the Jews. Jesus was a very powerful man because of his elaborate preaching and teachings concerning the Lord, God. He taught that the 'Lord is our Shepard and he watches over us like his flock of sheep'; now it is safe to say that in this analogy that is taken from the Bible justifies that each and every one of us are created as equals under the eyes of God. We are all his 'sheep' and he is our Shepard he watches over every single one of us. The reason I speak so frequently of Jesus Christ is because of the extreme power and significance to the Christians he made (obviously) as he was the son of god, and he was not exactly known for being filthy rich; thus this proves that God does not only cherish the wealthy but loves the poor and the paupers as well; as his "son" was of their social status. Christians today and even in the past are taught through the bible to help the less fortunate/their fellow man; ("If...there is a fellow-Israelite in need...do not be selfish and refuse to help him.... be generous and lend him as much as he needs.... Give to him freely and unselfishly...there will always be some Israelites who are poor and in need so I command you to be generous to them."---Deuteronomy 15:7-8, 10-11). ...read more.

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