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Poverty Project There are so many things we've seen or heard about poverty. We have heard stories, read about it in newspapers, and mo

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Poverty Project There are so many things we've seen or heard about poverty. We have heard stories, read about it in newspapers, and most of the time we have seen it on the television. We are all aware that there are thousands of people suffering from poverty; whether they are black, white an elderly person, or young innocent child. Although we are attentive towards the subject of poverty, we hardly ever do anything about it. The things we see on the news or read in the newspapers about people dieing because of poverty seem so unrealistic to our naive minds that we don't think to take a little time out of our day to actually try to help and perhaps make a difference in someone's life. ...read more.


3. Renunciation made by a member of a religious order of the right to own property. The society's definition of being poor would be a homeless man with unreasonable dirty clothes, lack of education, living on the streets with a cup of some sort and asking for money from the people who walk by. Society today has categorized poor people and many of us have turned away from them and have begun to neglect the fact that they are people, too, and that they are in need of help. The society has mistaken the poor for being filthy with worthless. We look down upon them as if it were "their own fault". ...read more.


We are all people, some may be wealthier than others, but we need to come together as a union and help each other live. For if we don't help each other live and make the world a better place, then this world would be in shambles. We have to embody it in our lives and not look down on the poor but look at them as our brothers and sisters that need help and support from each and every one of us. Whether we start a food drive, donate clothes, or money; these acts of kindness may impact their lives in such a way that gives them hope that they can still change their lives for the better. A single act of kindness is never wasted. The smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in an individual's life. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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