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Poverty: The Effect on the World

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Modern slavery is one form of poverty still occurring in the world today. In Sierra Leone, black slaves are prominent throughout the cocoa plantations and suffer the many effects of poverty. These innocent people are young people between the ages of six through twenty-five, and most of them have worked on the plantations day in and day for just a couple years, and some, their whole lives. Their �employers�, as so they say, treat these people with disrespect, thrashing them to unconsciousness and then not treating their wounds so deadly infections and diseases can develop within their malnourished bodies. Even after all the abuse these people have induced, none of them get paid, none of them are allowed to return to their families, but satisfy the thirst for greed in their �employers�. Slavery is also prominent throughout Britain, the US and even Canada. The presence of slavery is concealed within the slaves and their �employers� as the slaves are terrified of the torture they may incur if they protest or give information regarding their status to others. ...read more.


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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Charities, Poverty and Development section.

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