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Prayer in religion

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RE Coursework Prayer in religion is both a person's act of communicating with God and the words used. It is the natural result of a person's belief in a god. Prayer may be performed individually or in a group, formal or spontaneous, silent or spoken. In one or more forms, it is at the centre of worship. Christians believe prayer can be performed in different ways. Some of these ways of praying are singing to god (usually hymns or Songs of Praise), in silence (talking to god in your head), talking to god (most commonly used - speaking with god aloud), meditating on god or the bible (concentrating solely on god and shutting out earthly distractions, such as computers) or praying in a group (a number of people gather and pray for each other). These are just some of the ways of praying, as the subject of praying is very diverse. There is no right way of praying. Christians also believe praying can be performed in different positions. Some of these are kneeling and standing in a meditation position. ...read more.


(THE LORD'S PRAYER) and 'Lord, forgive us all for our sins and let us start afresh. We are not perfect, but with your help, we could nearly be, so please forgive us all' (TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF A PRAYER OF CONFESSION ANYONE COULD USE, BY ME). As can be seen from my above examples, prayers of confession include something asking god to 'wipe away my sin'. This is like pleading for forgiveness. Thanksgiving is when a Christian wants to thank god for his work. It might be good news, recovering from an illness, saving someone's life or just for life itself; but one thing is clear: it helps us feel grateful, and stop taking things for granted. In any Christian denomination, there are examples of thanksgiving. It goes way back to the Old Testament, where people used to thank god for different things. In the US, there is a celebration of thanksgiving, where people just thank god for all the work he's done. Some examples of a prayer showing thanksgiving are 'Praise the Lord! Give thanks to the Lord; because he is good; his love is eternal' (OLD TESTAMENT, PSALM 106, V1), 'We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks to you! ...read more.


(1 TIMOTHY, CHAPTER 2, VERSE 1), 'So Peter was kept in jail, but the people of the church were praying earnestly to god for him' (ACTS, CHAPTER 12, VERSE 5) and 'I pray that we all may live together in peace. I pray for the banishment of all conflict and fighting, so please, take heed and listen...' (TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF A PRAYER OF SUPPLICATION ANYONE COULD USE, BY ME). Supplication is, as I've previously mentioned, a way of asking god for things through prayer. This can be seen in the examples I've given. Christians' have different views on whether prayers of Supplication are answered. This mainly depends on their views of god, however, if Christians' think of god being deep inside themselves, they will see prayer as a way of opening up a number of pathways connecting people's minds and a variety of situations in order to let new optimism and strength flow through. For instance, praying for s dick person may help them get better quicker. In whatever ways prayers of supplication are understood by Christians, they are all agreed on one thing - saying them helps them to feel good and to face life better. ...read more.

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