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Prayer of a Black Boy, by Gut Tirolien, is a piece of poetry written in the style of a prayer to express a black boy's need for freedom from the control of the white invaders of his land.

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Prayer of a Black Boy, by Gut Tirolien, is a piece of poetry written in the style of a prayer to express a black boy's need for freedom from the control of the white invaders of his land. Racism has been a problem since the very first day that two men of different races met. Racism is defined as the belief in the superiority of one race over all others. Black has been considered morally lower than white. White was considered as pure and black as evil. By this comment we mean the persecution of black in general, not just skin colour, for example, the difference between black magic (dark or evil magic) and white magic (pure magic). Racism is a blatant form of prejudice. People who are prejudice are people who have strong feelings against certain types of people before they have even met them. Prejudice means Prejudice means 'pre-judgement' and society proves that people will judge somebody sooner than they would get to know them. Regularly individual people are very friendly, but because of their actions throughout history or their rivalling religious beliefs people often see them as being a possible threat and treat every person of that race as if they were the same. ...read more.


They were forced to convert to Christianity and spoke little, if any, English. These people were ill-treated, physically abused, and the women were raped starved and if they died nobody would care. RACISM IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM FOR COULERED PEOPLE... IT IS A PROBLEM FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prayer of a Black Boy Laura: This poem is a very emotive piece of literature as Julia and Rachael mentioned. The subject it deals with is a very sensitive one. The emotions the boy deals with are very mature and the style of the poem suggests that his parents have had an influence on his thoughts and opinions. Liz: This is reflected in the first line when the boy says he is "tired". This is a metaphor often used by elderly people when they have lived through many events. They are not physically tired but mentally exhausted. This suggests that the young boy has witnessed many atrocities and culture changes inflicted on his race by the white culture. Adam: The boy is obviously uncomfortable being in a white school that is governed by white people. He says the road to school is steep and that it is their school. ...read more.


Aside from the commas, the first form of irregular punctuation is an ellipsis. This brings the poem back to its original point. The lines of the poem do not have a specific length, which again suggests the theme of contemplation and thought. At the end of the final stanza, there is repetition of the phrase "Who do not even know how to..." This is used to reinforce how much harder coloured people have worked throughout the centuries compared to white people. The main focal point of this poem is the constant use of metaphorical imagery which creates a sense of belonging and empathy with the boy and the situation. In conclusion we feel that this poem is a reaction against the domination of the white population in the black boy's land. The boy in the poem feels that the western white people are trying to oppress his culture and country and natural needs, forcing him and his people to conform to the white man's theory of normality. The boys wish in the prayer is a very simple and basic one... to do what his ancestors have done for centuries and remain in a world and life he feels comfortable with... a need and desire which appears to be neglected by the over dominant white race. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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