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'Praying to God in private is more important than attending services in church'

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Vicky Geoghegan AO3 R.E Coursework 'Praying to God in private is more important than attending services in church' Some people believe that praying in private is more important that attending mass. Praying to God in private has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of praying in private is that it creates a closer bond between you and God. This helps people feel closer and deepen their relationship with God. Also when praying in private you feel that you can pray about a wider range of topics as it is more confidential, it is just between you and God. When praying in private you have a better concentration and have an unlimited amount of time in which to pray to God. I also feel that people would feel more comfortable when praying in private, as you are alone and may not feel comfortable praying in front of others. praying in private means you do not have to get up and go anywhere, you can just take the time to pray whenever you like, this means that you can pray in your favourite places and feel more at home. ...read more.


You would also learn about the different things people believe in and also the type of things that people like to pray for. At mass people can be involved in different types of prayer, E.g Hymns, psalms or even readings. By saying a prayer in a different way it shows all of the different ways in which you can get in touch with God. Also i think that by singing hymns along with the rest of the congregation allows everyone to join in unity in the presence of God. People feel more involved when actually physically taking part in the mass. When you are at mass you are in the presence of many other people, who all have similar beliefs as you, this allows you to express your faith as a catholic. When at mass you have a priest to guide you which can oftenmake things easier to follow. When praying in private you have to stick to your own prayers, but when at mass you can learn new prayers, and see things in a different light. ...read more.


At mass you are also in contact with all of the holy symbolised objects . This creates a better sense that you are in the presence of God. When you enter the church you can bless yourself with the holy water, when prayin gin private you cannot do this. Aslo, i think that it shows a lot of respect towards the priest and his church when you attend a mass. Overall i think that there are many advantages from praying in private and also many advantages form attending services at church. I don't think that either one of them is mroe important than the other, Jesus attended services in church, however he also prayed in private, It all depends on what type of person you are, and also what type of things you are praying for or celebrating. Some people prefer to keep their personal matters to themselves. Some people totally trust the church and congregation when praying for them. So therefore i do not think either is more important than the other, its just a case of how poeple people feel more comfortable doing things in different ways. ...read more.

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