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Prejudice and Discrimination

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John Gardner Year 10 R.E Coursework 06/05/01 All around the world, there is non-stop prejudice and discrimination. Many think that is possible to get rid off it, and have a chance of living in a peaceful world. These people think that stopping prejudice and discrimination, would not be impossible. There are many theory's in which to do this, but my personal reasons may seem impossible to others. The way I see prejudice and discrimination being abolished is by taking all the people who are prejudice and or discriminating against people, out of certain countries, and putting them into their own country. ...read more.


The point I am trying to make is that there are a lot of people in the world who are prejudice or discriminating in the world. Another possibility of getting rid of the unchristian way is to separate all groups who seem to have no respect for others. Separate whites from blacks, rich from poor, mancunians from scousers and so on. This would be looked upon as silly, as the majority of different groups, do respect and can live along side each other without any problem at all. ...read more.


If we can get rid of or keep these groups quiet, there is a possibility of banning prejudice and discrimination. Personally, I think that it would be almost impossible to eliminate prejudice and discrimination as long as we have different religions. My theory is that if we all share the same beliefs, no matter what colour, race or class you are, it would be a lot easier to eradicate prejudice and discrimination. Although you would still have divergence between different groups, the togetherness of being part of a certain group, may make people respect their fellow human being. I am not saying that religion is the only way, but it is my personal view on how to tackle prejudice and discrimination. ...read more.

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