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Prejudice and Discrimination.

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Christians should live how Jesus teaches us. If he treats everyone with love and respect then so should we. As Christians and followers of Christ race, gender, colour, religion etc should not matter to us. The bible helps Christian's faith and is guidance to how we should live. Christians have many responsibilities and one of them is to help people in need. In Lk10: 25-37 it tells the story of the Good Samaritan. A Jew is robbed and beaten. When the Levite and Priest walk past you expect them to stop and help but they don't. Instead they cross the road and ignore the man in need. The Samaritan then walks past and notices the Jew, so he stops and gives love to the needy man. The Samaritan shows responsibility for the Jew even though they would normally be enemies. The Samaritan sets a good example for people today. If someone is in need, even if we don't like them or don't know them then we should stop and show them love in the way we would expect love if we were in need. In today's society we think of prostitutes as unacceptable. ...read more.


To actually go places in life we need to evaluate and question specific things. A lot of people are faced with accusations or physical actions because of who they are. Some people even stand up for their rights; a good example of this is Martin Luther King. He was a Christian and believed that every one is equal and should be treated the same no matter what. He was no different to any one else and wanted to put a stop to people treating others, of a different race, in an unjust way. Martin Luther King respected his faith and stood up to what he believed. In America racism was a big problem. A black lady named Rosa Parks experienced one of the very many cases. Rosa Parks was sat on the bus when she was told to give her seat up for a white person other wise the driver would stay stationary. Rosa Parks found this very unjust. Martin Luther King wanted to put a stop to the 60% of American black people experiencing unfairness. So what he did was use non-violent action to try and overcome the racism. One of the resolutions was for black people to stop using public transport. ...read more.


This can be tied in with prejudice and discrimination due to the fact people are killed or commit suicide because of who they are as I mentioned in the examples earlier. To me I personally think murder is the greatest sin of all. This is because the life we have been given is a gift from God, which is being destroyed. This does include prejudice and discrimination to a certain extent because this can lead to death and is a very unpleasant part of society which people are faced with. People should look after others and watch out for them instead of going around and judging them. If the evil were taken out of the world it would be a much better and more enjoyable experience of life for people. Globally people would have different views to me. Some would agree and some would disagree. But I think that at the end of the day if someone sins then they sin, no questioning involved. Turning our back on God is the greatest sin of all and whatever we do wrong is when we turn our backs on God. Some people may just swear some may kill, but they are both wrong and both classed as sinning. Evil should be abolished to enable us to live with no fear and worries about who we are and what could happen to us next. ...read more.

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