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Prejudice and discrimination

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Prejudice and discrimination AO1) Explain Christian Church teaching on prejudice and discrimination. Prejudice is thinking badly of others for no sufficient reason. Prejudice is seen as a way of thinking about other groups of people. Discrimination is when you act upon your prejudice and hurt people either physically or mentally. The Christian Church all teach similar things, that is, being prejudiced and discriminating against others is wrong. They teach us that everyone should be treated equally and that you should treat other as you would like to be treated, "respect for the human person considers the other 'another self'." (Catechism of the Catholic Church.) The Catholic Church believes that "every person is my brother or sister". This means that we should treat everyone as our brothers and sisters and love them equally. The catholic church has many different views on prejudice and discrimination and teaches us these views. One of them is that we should treat everyone equally, they say that "the differences among persons belongs to God's plan, who wills that we should need one another. These differences should encourage charity." (Catechism of the Catholic Church.) This teaches us that it was in Gods plan to make everyone different, so that they are unique and special. "Recognition of the diversity should lead to respect for differences" (What the churches say) ...read more.


In your answer, refer to one or more of the main types of prejudice. Consider whether all Christains would respond in the same ways. One main type of prejudice that is widely spread and a major problem in today's society is racism. This is a major problem because no one has the answer to it the person who is being racist has to realise that they are on different from him and respect the person of a different race. Racism is when a person discriminates against people who are black, a member of an ethnic minority, or someone of a different religion. Many people have tried to stand up to racism although they have succeeded in some ways the problem still exists. One man who stood up for the rights of black people in America was Martin Luther King. He stood up for the rights of all black people and for the right to be treated as the white people were. In America in the 1960's black people were discriminated against in such ways as the black people were excluded from cinemas, schools, shops, hospitals and buildings. Boundaries where made to where they were allowed to go, mixed marriages were illegal and they were forbidden to vote. In America black people were seen as second class citizens and white people were seen as superior. ...read more.


In war many people are killed for no reason and it is usually innocent bystanders that are killed. But most wars are stared by countries discriminating against one another. So this could be classed as it being the greatest sin. The wars in Northern Ireland and Palestine are both caused by prejudice and discrimination. By people of different religions not being able to live in peace and constantly fighting with each other. Being prejudice whilst being a sin I don't believe that it is one of the greatest sins. But acting upon your prejudice can lead to hurting someone emotional and physically or it can lead tot he death of someone then it becomes a great sin. In some cases prejudice and discrimination is good. Being prejudice towards criminals, terrorists, bad governments and violent religious people e.g. extreme Muslims who bombed the Twin Towers. These people are being prejudice and killing many people and causing hurt to many others. In the Bible it portrays that Jesus thought that prejudice and discrimination was one of the worst evils. He gave us a commandment to love your neighbour he then followed it by a parable about prejudice i.e. The Good Samaritan. This suggests that Jesus seen it as wrong and that we should love one another as equal people. If everyone was to except one another for their individuality and respect their differences then maybe much of the other evil in the world would end. ...read more.

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