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Prejudice & Discrimination Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people

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AMDG Coursework1 17th January 2005 Prejudice & Discrimination Explain what Christians believe about their responsibility for other people. To answer this question we refer to the Bible and the teachings of the Church that will reveal what a true Christian's attitude to others is. Therefore I will be splitting this essay into two parts, the first on the Bible and the second on the teachings of the Church. This question refers to prejudice and discrimination, and so to answer it I would also need the exact meanings of these words. Prejudice- to pre-judge, using only one's opinion. Discrimination- to differentiate a person biasly on the basis of their race, looks etc... For this particular question it concentrates on discrimination/prejudice against a person's race. So starting of with the Bible. The Bible condemns racism and we can see this from examining passages from the Old Testament, the life and teachings of Jesus. ...read more.


In James 2:1-5,we are told precisely that prejudice is wrong; "you are guilty of creating distinctions among yourselves and of making judgments based on evil motives" It cannot be shown any clearer than this. James has practically said that as a Christian it is our responsibly not to pre-judge anyone. This commandment is emphasised by Jesus himself, not long after these commandments were given. He said, "This commandment is one of the two most greatest commandments. You must apply this to foreigners, including those of a different race. They are to be treated just as a fellow brother." From this passage we are told directly of how we must treat another person, whether they are of a different race or not, with the same love that you would to that of yourself. So again we are shown how we are responsible to treat one another with love. In conclusion of the Bible's Old Testament and Jesus' teaching I can that as Christians the responsibility is heavily burned upon us, we just don't know it. ...read more.


Apartheid in South Africa shall be abolished. This shows that the responsibility has been given to us Christians and that now it is working. What the church wants to do, to increase that responsibility given to us, is in the following. * Wants to change racist attitudes including those found among her own members. * Asks God to open people's hearts and appeals to people's moral and religious state. * Offers a place in which people can be reconciled (brought together) * Wants to see more initiative between different ethnic groups to welcome each other, snare ideas with each other and to help each other. * Tries to live by the message, which she proposes, to all human beings. "Every person is my brother or sister." In conclusion for the Church's efforts can say: The effort to overcome racism has become broadly anchored in the Human Conscience. All discrimination must be opposed. The church wants to change hearts and offer a place for reconciliation. And so then finally the Church therefore supports everything in the world, which works against racial Discrimination & prejudice and supports all human rights. ...read more.

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