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Prejudice In Society

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Prejudice In Society When the word prejudice is mentioned the listener generally thinks of the prejudice that exists between different races. Prejudice however, is not a word to be only associated with race. Prejudice is prevalent in a plethora of life's events and its aspects. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion. This opinion is formed without a suitable knowledge or understanding of what is being judged. Prejudice is unnecessary and could one day lead to the demise of society, as it exists today. ...read more.


Prejudice continues to exist between religions today. In our modern society several "holy wars" currently rage. In Bosnia and Serbia two religions judge the other based on the actions of their ancestors. In the Middle East hundreds died every day in religious disputes because they pass judgment before they have all the facts. And, in the United States Neo Nazi groups still hold rallies and speak out against the Jewish religion. Prejudice exists between different age groups in America. ...read more.


Everyone, whether it is intentional or not, exhibits prejudice towards someone who is different from them. Judgments towards other races are often harsh and critical. Slavery existed for hundreds of years because one race was prejudice. Many of our ancestors grew to accept the prejudice values they were taught. Society should take it upon themselves to abouoish all prejudice ideals. The ability to communicate is the best it has ever been. Therefore education should be easier and more efficient. People must think before judging someone who is different. Prejudice must stop for different people of the world to properly function together. Carroll 1 ...read more.

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