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Pride, Prejudice and Life

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Cristian Ms. R. Milani Eng 1D1-05 10 January 2005 Pride, Prejudice and Life Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr., was among the first African Americans to become a professional tennis player. Despite many obstacles, Arthur Ashe coupled with the emergence as one of the top players in the world and boosted the sport's popularity. In the perspective of an athletic career, Arthur ascended to the best of tennis professional tennis players in the world. Nowadays, Arthur Ashe is remembered as an athlete that achieved a high level of success. As a person, we remember how Arthur persisted in helping other people find opportunities to attain their personal achievements. Despite the African-American background, Arthur Ashe proved to be one of the best tennis players. As a child, Arthur learned the meaning of discipline and hard work through routine chores at home. At the age of nine, Ronald Charity discovered the potential in the child and decided to support, as well as instruct young Arthur to develop great talent. ...read more.


This enraged the young tennis player; therefore Arthur waged an active war against apartheid in South Africa, "blasting away at the barrier of prejudice and poverty in that country."(Encarta) The apartheid in the Republic of South Africa was an official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against nonwhites. In the 1970's nonwhite was the term used to describe people which did not have a white skin color. Arthur had waged war against this prejudice by becoming the best in the sport of tennis and showing every young black tennis player that any obstacle based on racism or segregation can be toppled. For years to come, Arthur Ashe will always be remembered as the man who granted freedom to African Americans --a hero. Mr. Ashe had a great contribution in tennis not only as an athlete but also as a person. ...read more.


Accordingly, in 1985, a few years before Arthur died, Ashe was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Thus, we have realized that Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr., was among the first African Americans to become a professional tennis player and gain the reputation of 1st ranking player in the whole world. Even as advancing in an athletic career, Arthur had put up with a lot of discrimination and prejudice. Besides, Arthur earned a great personal reputation due to having a good nature and always helped others achieve their own successes. Even though living a short life, Arthur had made the best of it while enjoying the life of a famous tennis player; which built a foundation for other young black people. Moreover, Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. boasted an incredible effect on the whole world at large through what Arthur had said and done even though suffering through plenty of prejudice and discrimination. ?? ?? ?? ?? Cristian 1 ...read more.

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