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Pro-Choice is Pro-Life.

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Pro-Choice is Pro-Life "It is a woman's individual rights to her life, to her liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness that sanctions her right to have an abortion. Once the 'fetal-rights' are granted to one stage of the pregnancy, nothing will prevent their extension to all stages. 'Fetal rights' are a gimmick to destroy a woman's individual rights," says Glenn Woiseshyn a pro-choice activist. When abortion was illegal in America, many women died or had suffered serious medical problems from either self-induced or illegal abortions. Women were rushed into emergency rooms with punctured wombs, massive bleeding, and rampant infections. Thanks to the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973, women today have access to safe abortions performed by medically trained professionals under sanitary conditions. Unfortunately anti-abortionist, lead by President Bush, are trying to change all this. Here is the bottom line; if the pregnancy is unwanted a determined woman will find some way to terminate the pregnancy. ...read more.


Those who are truly pro-life advocates must grasp the ominous implications of the motives behind such proposed anti-abortion laws, before it is too late. Abortion abolitionist have portrayed the term "partial-birth" to suggest that the partially removed fetus is no longer unborn, and therefore the Roe vs. Wade decision no longer applies. Liberals point out that linguistic manipulation cannot create an essential distinction when it does not exist. A woman has a right to her own body, and if she chooses to have an abortion, then all efforts should be made to protect the woman from injury; just as in any other health situation. To do otherwise, negates this right. The banning of rights to protect the unborn fetus is literally granting rights to the fetus over the rights of the woman, which in this case is an utter distortion of individual rights. If a woman has no rights to her own body, then by what validity does a fetus have the right to a woman's body? ...read more.


The proposed banning of partial-birth abortions has become a huge moral issue in America; government is beginning to segregate freedom into levels for today's women. This should not be tolerated by either you or me. November 14, 2003 marked the end of a 40-hour marathon debate, the longest the Senate has seen in 15 years. Fortunately the democrats (liberals) were successful in putting a hold on Bush's bill; however, the conservatives ensure us that the debate is far from over. Unfortunately, many pro-choice advocates have conceded the partial-birth war to the anti-abortionist and except this so called "partial ban" as a compromise. They have obviously been fooled by the abolitionist strategy of emotionalism designed to disguise their deeper purpose. The anti abortionists' strategy focuses solely on the fetus and describing the abortion procedure in gruesome detail to detour your thought process away from the woman's rights. Their professed compassion for the fetus leaves no room for considering the life of and giving of compassion to the woman. I hope that you have the compassion to allow women to have rights and to consider saving one life instead of possibly ending two. In the end Pro-Choice is Pro-Life. ...read more.

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