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Provide evidence that God's unrequited love provides for all through His love and His son Jesus.

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Provide evidence that God's unrequited love provides for all through His love and His son Jesus. "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4 v 19). The Christian God is a God who loves His people and provides for their needs within the context of a close personal relationship. His incarnation as Jesus Christ is an integral part of this provision. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Romans 3 v 23) and it is, therefore, only by God's grace and through sanctification that a believer may be in relationship with God. The Holy Spirit is seen as the person of God present and is therefore essential to the concept of having relationship and communication with God. The very idea that a once sinful believer may have a relationship with the transcendent and perfect God brings us to explore the idea of God's grace. Guthrie draws our attention to the Biblical concept that we may have faith only because God first called us and drew us to Himself. ...read more.


Sanctity means to be set apart. We can think of it as meaning 'acceptable to God'. Sanctity comes from within and is a response to God's grace. To be sanctified does not refer only to a certain lifestyle but primarily to a conscious decision to be devoted to God. True devotion should, however, lead to a righteous lifestyle. The emphasis of the New Testament is that to be pleasing to God one must change one's mind and heart not just one behaviour. God is perfectly holy so to have a relationship with Him one must strive towards holiness. It is believed that in accepting Christianity one's body becomes a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6 v 19) and this is another reason for a Christian to live a holy life. According to the New Testament sanctity is achieved by following the teaching and example of Jesus and the Holy Spirit gives the ability to do this. The Holy Spirit is a sign of God's love and providence as he came to earth to continue the work of Jesus, and we know that the work of Jesus was to enable a relationship between man and God. ...read more.


The covenant of the Old Testament was sealed by sacrifice of animals and transferring sin onto a scapegoat. The death of Jesus, however, sealed the new covenant between God and His people. A believer now has assurance that his every sin will be forgiven dependent not on the sacrifice of an animal but on sincere repentance. God loves His people and has provided them with a way by which they can be cleansed and sanctified, making them acceptable to him. The new covenant, therefore, leads to a desire to do what is right. Righteousness comes from an inner obligation, not an external set of laws. Guthrie points out that the Old Testament sacrifice had weaknesses, one of them being, that sacrifices atoned only sins of the past so new sacrifices had to be made for new sins. Jesus became the new and ultimate sacrifice able to redeem all sin- past present and future. The forgiveness of God allows us to have a clear conscience and prompts us to forgive others. God's forgiveness is unearned and a true sign of His love Ruth youngman Religious Studies Christian ethics ...read more.

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