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PSHE Coursework - Dwight York Racial Incident

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PSHE Coursework - Dwight York Racial Incident Richard Wilson 11S I have studied the two newspaper articles regarding the Dwight Yorke racial incident that occurred at Ewood Park in Blackburn during the Blackburn Rovers - Birmingham City match up. The two articles have two completely different sides to the story even though the articles were from the same Daily National Newspaper. The First article from The Daily Mail on Tuesday 22nd November 2004, Steve Bruce (Birmingham City Manager) was interviewed about the incident and he stated that he would back up Dwight Yorke as he thought the abuse he was received was unacceptable and shouldn't be allowed under any circumstances. He also said that Yorke was "Bitterly upset about it." In a separate interview with Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA, said that he was disappointed with this incident, just weeks after the England - Spain match up where the same incident occurred. ...read more.


Dwight's decision to act was very wise because if I was a coloured football player and racial comments were made to me, I would definitely act because it defies the point of racial equality in humans and can be very offensive to coloured football players. The second article, taken from The Daily Mail on Wednesday 23rd November 2004 showed a different side to the incident. In this article, David Sullivan (Birmingham City Chairman) was interviewed about the incident. David Sullivan showed a different side to the incident than other people may have expected. Sullivan stated that Dwight Yorke may have looked into the situation a little too deeply and he should have not let it get to him as much as it did saying it was "All blown out of proportion". From the statement above that Sullivan made, others did not share the same opinion; others thought the incident was totally unacceptable and everything should be done to put a stop to racial abuse in football. ...read more.


Assessing the second article, I think that as Chairman of Birmingham City, David Sullivan should have taken more interest in the incident. In my opinion, I feel this is now important because the same situation could now occur in the club between Yorke and Sullivan as what happened with Yorke at Blackburn Rovers with former manager Graeme Souness. The pair never got along with each other which caused numerous arguments which led to a downfall in Dwight's performance for the club. In the end, the situation at Rovers led the player to leave the club as he could not take any more from his manager. If this was to happen with Sullivan and Yorke, it could leave Yorke looking for another club, which could lead Dwight Yorke to a decision of retiring from football as he would have no club to play for and he would have his age to consider. Total: 733 Words - 1 - ...read more.

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