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PTE-Religion in the media

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Religion and the Media a) ii) Analyse and explain the way a religious or moral issue is dealt with in a television soap opera. Euthanasia is the religious issue I will be dealing with in the soap opera, Eastenders. Euthanasia is the way of providing a gentle way of death in three types of ways: assisted suicide, voluntary euthanasia or non-voluntary euthanasia. Assisted suicide is providing a seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide. Voluntary is when a person who asks someone to end their life painlessly and non-voluntary is when there is no permission to end someone's life but it is the right thing to do. The soap in which I will be dealing with this issue is Eastenders. ...read more.


This makes Dot feel guilty and emotional, she has a constant battle over her friendship with Ethel and her Moral issues. Dot responds to this by saying, "We can't choose how we come into this life and we can't choose how we leave." Dot tells Ethel it's not her responsibility to change her life. Ethel replies, "It's not your life, it's my life and I want to choose." Dot eventually comes to her mental conclusion and decides it Is what her friend wants and that she only wants to make her happy. Dot gives Ethel the pills and an emotional ending when Ethel says "we are best friends forever." The problem that Dot had to deal with was mainly losing her best friend but also the problem of her religion. ...read more.


This shows people what it feels like how to deal with the issue and be faced with the terrible situation. The other reason is to get high ratings from people, as it is a main talking issue in life. I think that the issue was dealt with in the way it should have been. I would not changed the way in which it was dealt with as it portrayed the pain, which Ethel was in, and the struggle that many religious and non-religious people must deal with in deciding if euthanasia is ethically acceptable in the eyes of the law and God. On the other hand I feel it was not fair to religious people as it is showing a Christian person going against her religious beliefs and showing their lack of faith. Chris Collins ...read more.

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