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PTE-Religion in the media

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Religion and the Media a) i) Describe the variety of specifically religious programmes on the four main television channels. Mass media refers to the different types of media which masses of people can have access to. The types of mass media are Visual (TV, Film), Audio (radio), Press (magazines, newspapers) and electronic (internet, mobiles). The four main channels host such religious programmes as Songs of Praise, Heaven and Earth Show, Everyman, holy Smoke and It's My Life. A religious programme is a factual programme about religion and religious issues. There is a wide range of religious programmes on television ranging from worship programmes to programmes dealing with religious and moral issues. The four main channels that I will be looking at are the BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4. ...read more.


The Worship programmes are one's that feature religious worship including hymn singing and exploring religious history. The most popular is Songs of Praise. Documentary programmes are the most popular programmes, which deal with moral issues globally, and nationally e.g. euthanasia, surgery, spy religion. A very popular type of documentary is Everyman. The Discussion programmes are one's that are on during the day and discuss issues with religious and famous people. The most noticeable programme of this type is the Heaven and Earth Show. Songs of Praise is a programme that has hymn singing but offers more. There are historic places, human-interest stories and how religion has changed lives. Songs of Praise has featured guests such as Jonathan Edwards, Desmond Tutu and Princess Anne. ...read more.


I think the target audience would be middle-aged adults with interest in religious issues. I would not watch this programme as it is on too late to keep me interested, it does not appeal to me, as it is all the same style and format. The Heaven and Earth Show is made topical and relevant with information and issues regarding everyday news and events. The studio is set out brightly with interesting songs. Some people who have been on the show are Pete Doherty, Patrick Swayze and Cliff Richard. The target audience would be for religious people or people who are interested in the issues. It is on at the same time as church is which seems unusual. I would probably watch this from time to time as it is interesting and relevant to the important news and wars. It explains and helps in peoples views and beliefs. Chris Collins ...read more.

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