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QC - 'Divorce and re-marriage are unacceptable'.

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QC - 'Divorce and re-marriage are unacceptable'. Do you agree? Divorce is a legal termination of a marriage, leaving the couple free to remarry who they want. Re-marriage therefore is following a divorce, when one or both of the couple get married again to new partners. This is only when both partners have been divorced and are still alive. I am not sure whether I agree or disagree with this statement so I am going to look at the two sides of this view and then I will make my decision. The Catholic Church is fully against divorce and does not accept it in any circumstances. If you were to get divorced, the Catholic Church would not recognise it and would still see the couple as married. They see divorce as a grave offence against the natural law and immoral as it introduces disorder into the family and society. ...read more.


It would be a lie and a waste staying married to someone who you didn't want to be with anymore. Another reason for divorce is because of adultery in a marriage. This is just seen as looking at someone else in an inapproiate way and this quite harsh as it is very hard for some people not to look at someone in that way. Some people believe, including the Catholic Church that the partner should forgive the person and maybe take the problem to counselling and marriage guidance. This could be sorted out by the married couple simply communicating with each other and talking about how they are feeling about their sexual relationship. However, most people disagree with this as you can not be expected to stay with someone after they have committed adultery, as you have now lost all trust and dignity for the person and you do not know whether they will think they will get away with it again and again. ...read more.


However, there are two groups called CARE and Marriage care that try to help married couples in times of difficulty. Marriage care emphasises its expertise at working with married couples. It recognises the effects of divorce and separation on the whole family. It also stresses that only the couples themselves can save their marriages. This could be an option for couples that may be thinking of divorce to sort out their problems and save their marriage. CARE aims to demonstrate Jesus' compassion and emphasise the family. It also writes resources and briefing packs and gets involved in public policy. My view on divorce and re-marriage is that it should be accepted fully. This is because I have seen some of the reasons for divorce and I can't see how you would be able to stay with someone after they have committed adultery or they don't love each other anymore. This is why divorce should be accepted and then people would want to get remarried afterwards with someone else and this should be allowed as no one would want to be alone. ...read more.

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