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R.E Coursework – Film

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R.E Coursework - Film Sam and Molly are Lovers and Sam works in a bank with his close friend Carl, the three characters get on well together and seem to have a good friendship. However, Carl is money laundering for drug dealers and uses his bank position to do this. Through a mix up, Carl's computer shuts out Carl's access code and so car cannot transfer the money into the account. Only Sam has the codes that will allow Carl to go ahead with the crooked deal. ...read more.


Sam is a GHOST. Nobody can see Sam except for a crook, Oda Mae Brown. She tricks people into thinking that she can hear the voices of dead people but actually she cannot. She hears the voice of Sam and gets scared. Sam persuades her to help him out by finding Willie Lopez and looking after Molly. Sam finds Carl talking to Willie and hears them talking about the codes. Sam sends Oda Mae Brown around to stop Willie from breaking in to the apartment where Molly and Sam used to live. ...read more.


These rules come from the Ten Commandments and that the Bible also says that anyone who murders will, "Whoso sheddeth mans blood, by man shall his blood be shed" (Genesis 9) Carl and Willie are both murderers at the end of the film and they both loose their lives and are dragged off to hell by demons. So they have their blood shed by men and are denied to spend an eternity in heaven. The bible says, "Thieves and swindles shall not inherit eternal life." The film is aimed at a younger audience and it is really telling them that good behaviour takes you to heaven and bad behaviour takes you to hell. John Gilbert ...read more.

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